Who Is Lauren Ludwig? Wife Of Alexander Ludwig

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Who Is Lauren Ludwig? Wife Of Alexander Ludwig

Lauren Ludwig is the wife of Canadian actor Alexander Ludwig. She has no children with her husband. 

She is a director and writer by her profession. She was born in Los Angeles, USA. 

She is an American citizen.

Lauren Ludwig and Alexander Ludwig on their wedding day.
Lauren Ludwig and Alexander Ludwig on their wedding day. Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Alexander is married to his wife, Lauren. The couple eloped in 2021 and got married to each other. 

Alexander opened up about his wedding through his Instagram post. 

Only in 2020, they made their relationship public. 

They have no children together. Lauren has gone through a third miscarriage.

Lauren Ludwig with her husband Alexander Ludwig.
Lauren Ludwig with her husband Alexander Ludwig. Source: Instagram


Her husband, Alexander, is 30 years old

Net Worth 

The net worth of Alexander is $3 Million. He earns from acting.

Alexander Struggled With Addiction

Alexander gave an interview to ET where he talked about his addiction and the challenges he faced because of his addiction. 

He opened up that he became a part of Bite the Bullet, which his friend started, and in that campaign, all the actors had to open up about the things they were passionate about. 

During that campaign, Alexander thought about talking about addiction. 

He went to rehab for his addiction, and he feels it was the best thing he ever did. 

He shared that addiction is a big problem because not only does the addicted person suffers, but with him, his whole family suffers too. 

He said that because he knows how it feels and what happens as he had come through that same phase.

Alexander Is Now A Singer

Alexander is well known for his acting skills, and besides acting, he has a great intense love for music. 

Alexander said that he grew up listening to country songs, and he wanted to make some country songs. 

He opened up that he was in Nashville, and on the flight, he was thinking about how he could make a good country song and what he could do. 

There on that flight, he met two guys who were wearing black dresses and was his fan. 

He talked and shared his feelings with those guys, and luckily they were the band that produced country songs, and Alex got a chance to work with them for his country song.

Used Horse's Dung On The Face 

Alexander talked about one of the well-known series, Vikings.

He said that the whole experience of working on that series was awesome. 

Doing that series was one of the hardest things he ever did, but he enjoyed working. 

He recalled the memory when he had no time for doing his make-up. 

It was going fast, so he just picked up the dirt and put it into his face so that he could be in character, but later, he was told that it was the horse's dung. 

As the shooting was going fast, he had no time to take off the dung or wash his face, so he did his shot with dung on his face. 

He was disgusted, but he had to do it.

Success Of Series

Alexander has played in the series Vikings, known for his character play as Bjorn Ironside. 

When he was first cast in the show, he was only a supporting character, but slowly he became the lead actor in Vikings

When he played in the show, he never thought that series would be such a hit. 

From the beginning, the Vikings got immense love from the fan and continued their support for the series to its sixth season. 

It was a big hit, but with the ongoing shooting of Vikings, Alexander missed many great opportunities. 

He missed many new roles, which was bad for him. 

He enjoyed doing Vikings and had a great experience working on it, but he regrets missing the other chances.

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