Who Is Lauren Schermerhorn? Sister Of Alison Brie

by Manisha Sat Feb 18 2023 Updated On Sat Feb 18 2023
Who Is Lauren Schermerhorn? Sister Of Alison Brie

Lauren Schermerhorn is the sister of actress and producer Alison Brie. She is a financial advisor by profession. 

Lauren was also interested in acting when she was young, but she didn’t like the limelight side that comes with it. 

Her father, Charles Schermerhorn, is a musician and works as an entertainment journalist. 

Her mother, Joanne, works at a non-profit childcare agency. Lauren grew up in Montecito Heights, LA

She stays away from the limelight but is very close to her younger sister Alison; they often hang out together. 

Lauren Schermerhorn's mom and sister, Alison Brie.
Lauren Schermerhorn's mom and sister, Alison Brie. Source: Instagram

Is Alison Married?

Alison is happily married to Dave Franco. They met each other back in 2011 during Mardi Gras in New Orleans

Alison and her husband have balanced their personal and professional lives perfectly. 

They have worked together in many films. They don’t have kids together to date.

Alison Brie with her husband, Dave Franco.
Alison Brie with her husband, Dave Franco. Source: Instagram

Alison Said That Having Her Husband Directs Her Sex Scenes Is "Not That Strange."

Alison's husband made his directorial debut in 2020. He made a horror movie named Rental, where his wife was the main lead. 

Alison talked about her intimate scenes in a movie named Somebody I Used to Know, directed by her husband, Dave.

They have worked together in many movies. When it comes to working, both of them are very professional. 

She said her intimate scenes on the sets don’t make them uncomfortable. 

She said both are actors, and it’s their job to do what the script demands.


Lauren is in her early 40s. Her sister Alison is 40 years old

Net Worth

Lauren's sister Alison's net worth is estimated to be $10 million. 

Lauren Schermerhorn with her sister, Alison Brie.
Lauren Schermerhorn with her sister, Alison Brie. Source: Instagram

Alison Walked Naked 

Alison and Dave were getting ready for the premiere of their movie Somebody I Used to Know

Dave was very nervous about the premiere, and also he was getting anxious. 

Suddenly someone knocked on his door, and when he opened the door, it was her wife Alison, all naked, jumping, dancing, and trying to be funny. 

Alison even shared this video on her social media. Her husband said he was shocked to find her like this and added that it was the least exciting thing that had happened to him that year. 

Alison Reenacted An Iconic 'Scream 2' Singing Scene For Her High School Boyfriend

In an interview, Alison said that she was very straightforward when showing love for her partner when she was young. 

She shared her story when she was in senior high school. She said that her ex-boyfriend had taken a break from each other, and they had not seen each other for months. 

On Valentine's Day, she decided to meet him, so he found out where he was from, her ex-boyfriend's roommate.

He was in the cafeteria, so she went there. Her ex didn’t have any idea what was coming for him. 

When she arrived in the cafeteria, her ex's face was all red as he didn’t expect his ex-girlfriend on Valentine's Day. 

On that moment, she decides to reenact iconic Scream 2 singing scene for him. She made such a grand gesture without any planning. 

She just went with the moment and started to do that scene. The other people in the cafeteria also joined her. Her ex kissed her, and they got back together. But two weeks later they again broke up. 

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