Who Is Laurie McGregor? Son Of Mary Elizabeth Winstead

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Who Is Laurie McGregor? Son Of Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Laurie McGregor is the son of American singer and actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

His father's name is Ewan McGregor, who is an actor. He was born in the year 2021 and is currently nine months old. 

He is the only child of his parents. He is an American citizen.

Laurie McGregor's parents Mary Elizabeth and Ewan McGregor
Laurie McGregor's parents Mary Elizabeth and Ewan McGregor Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Mary 

Mary is not married yet. She is currently in a relationship with Ewan, a Scottish actor. 

The couple started dating back in 2017. They met each other on the set of the movie "Fargo." 

After dating each other for four years, the couple happily welcomed their baby boy named Laurie in 2021. 

Laurie McGregor with his father Ewan McGregor
Laurie McGregor with his father Ewan McGregor  Source: Instagram

Past Relationships

Mary was previously married to Riley Steams, a filmmaker. 

They met each other on an ocean cruise. Mary was just an 18-year-old girl when she met Riley

They happily tied the knot in 2010, but sadly, their marriage didn't last long. 

They ended their marriage in 2017. They had no children together.

About Laurie's Mother Mary 

Mary is an American actress and singer born on November 28, 1984. Her full name is Mary Elizabeth Winstead

She was born and raised by Betty Lou and James Ronald Winstead in North Carolina

Mary is a well-known name in the entertainment industry. She is well known for her role in the horror movie Final Destination

She has appeared in many movies like Sky-high, Death Proof, and many more. 

Besides being a talented actress, she is also a singer who has also written songs. 

Laurie McGregor's mother Mary Elizabeth
Laurie McGregor's mother Mary Elizabeth Source: Instagram

Embarrassed Calling Erotica Girls 

Mary Elizabeth gave an interview on the late-night show of James Corden, where she talked about her newborn, her past, and many more. 

At the start of the interview, the interviewer congratulated Mary for being a mom. 

She welcomed her second child, a son. Mary said her son was perfect and she was in love with him. 

She said that she is getting enough sleep to function the whole day. She admires her son a lot. 

She dozed off in the car when she was on the way to the interview. James also said that Mary could sleep whenever she wanted, and he would have no problem with that.

Mary opened up that she is a big fan of Drew Barrymore and has watched her movie Scream many times. 

She recalled memories and said she was only the person from her friend’s circle who was allowed to watch such movies. 

The next day, when she went to school, everyone asked her what happened in the film. 

Mary watched that movie six times in the theatre from top to bottom. 

She concentrated on the movie a lot so that she could elaborate to her friends and experience how she experienced while watching that movie. 

The interviewer said he hadn’t watched any film yet, which shocked Mary

Mary was introduced to pop culture when she was very young. She was the youngest among the five children, and she got to learn many things, looking at her elder siblings. 

The first pop culture that she heard of was Madonna. The album was named Madonna Erotic Album

When she heard that she was only ten years old and didn’t know the meaning, she went to her school and told the girls that they were now an erotica girls group. 

She told everyone that they were erotica girls. Looking back at that time, she feels embarrassed because she used the word without knowing its meaning.

Mary Doesn’t Enjoy Sex Scene

Mary gave an interview on the James Colbert late-night show where she talked about her series Brain Dead and her sex scene. 

The interviewer wanted to know about Mary’s character, so he asked Mary about the series and character. 

Mary opened up that the whole series is about political scorn, which was inspired by the political situation of the US at that time. 

So she played the character of a girl who came from a political background as her whole family was in politics. 

Despite coming from such a family, her character had no interest, so she stayed away however, the character’s father bribed her, dragging her into the politics. 

Her father made her work with her brother, who is a Democratic Senator. 

When she got involved, she noticed that the bugs had invaded the whole people of Congress. 

She noticed people had gone completely insane, and they had no idea what they were actually doing. 

Mary’s character was the only person who saw the actual situation of the people. 

She then talked about her sex scene with Michael Moore. She said that her sex scene with Michael was a fantasy thing because one of the characters thinks that they are being involved in sexual activity even though they haven’t. 

The character plays them having sex in his imaginary things, so they remade the sex scene from the Eyes Wide Shot.

Michael himself was a big fan of the show, and he agreed to be part of it. 

Mary said that she didn’t enjoy the sex scenes, and it isn’t as fun as it looks on screen. 

It took them two hours to shoot the scene, and both of them got sweaty while shooting, so she didn’t personally have fun doing sex thing.


Laurie was born in June 2021.

Net worth 

The net worth of Mary is $6 Million. Acting is her primary source of earning. 

Laurie's Mother's Private Photos Were Leaked

Laurie's mother, Mary, became one of the victims of hacking in 2014.

Like other celebrities, Jennifer Lawrence, Kae Upton, and Kaley Cuoco, her iCloud was also hacked by an unknown hacker. 

What came as the big trouble was that her private photos also got leaked publicly. 

It was a very embarrassing and worst moment for the actress. Not only her but many other actresses were also facing the same situations. 

However, all the photos were later removed with the help of authority.

Reason For Mother's Divorce

Mary was seen dating the Scottish actor Ewan in 2017. It is not a new thing for co-actors to date each other. 

But the interesting fact for the media was that Ewan was married to Eva Mavrakis.

But Ewan and Eva shortly broke their relationship and filed for divorce. They got divorced in 2018

The media then made rumors that Mary was the actual reason that their marriage was over.

Moreover, she made the actor do all the stuff. But as said earlier, all the news was just proof-less rumors. 

No confirmations had been made about the cause of the actor's divorce.

Mary Wanted To Choose A Dance Career

Mary is a well-known actress and singer. But initially, she wanted to be a ballet dancer and chose to be a ballerina as a kid. 

She was good at it as well. But as teenage hit her, her body growth didn't favor dancing. She was too tall for her age. 

Controlling muscles and bones is needed for ballet, but due to her height, she started having difficulties. 

As a result, she left her journey of ballet in her teenage. It is not that she ultimately left it as she is dancing now and then. 

But she didn't make it as her profession.

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