LaVerne Shepherd

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LaVerne Shepherd

LaVerne Shepherd is the late mother of famous American actress, comedian, author, and television personality, Sherri Shepherd.

More about LaVerne

La Verne was born in 1941. She was married to a man named Lawrence A Shepherd

He used to work as a church deacon. He also worked in a restaurant. 

LaVerne Shepherd husband, Lawrence Shepherd, with daughter Sherri Shepherd
LaVerne Shepherd husband, Lawrence Shepherd, with daughter Sherri Shepherd   Source: Instagram

The couple has three children together. Sherri is the eldest daughter and famous of all of them. 

La Verne used to live in Chicago, Illinois, with her family.  The couple separated after several years of marriage. 

She died in the year 1991

Daughter's professional Life and Career

She started her acting career in 1995 with a short-lived sitcom called Celghorne. She played a character named Victoria Carlson

She appeared on several sitcoms such as Suddenly Susan, Everybody Loves Raymond, The Jamie Fox Show, and many more. 

She had also appeared on one of the episodes of the famous worldwide sitcom How I met your mother as the character Daphne

Likewise, she has starred in the television shows like  Who Wants to be a Millionaire, To Tell the Truth,  Trial, and Error, The Masked Singer, The View, among others. 

She has also hosted the Best Ever Trivia Show on the game show network. 

After all, her life seems perfect and glamorous. But she has mentioned that she had to face financial problems before starting her career. 

She said she became homeless, lost her car, and slept on a couch every day in different people's apartments. 

Sherri stated that it was worth it. She also wants to let everybody know through her platform that bad days will pass and good days shall come. 

LaVerne Shepherd daughter Sherri Shepherd
LaVerne Shepherd daughter Sherri Shepherd   Source: Instagram

Criticisms and Controversy of Daughter

Sherri was pulled into controversy and criticized by people in 2007

She mentioned that she didn't believe in evolution on one of the television shows broadcasted live on TV. This show was called The View

Her statement made everyone angry and pulled her into controversy. 

The next controversy was in the same show when Whoopi Goldberg, one of the show hosts, asked her if the world was flat, and she replied, saying she didn't know and that it was a brain fart. 

This got on everyone's nerves, making her a rude person. 

Likewise, she was once again criticized for speaking without vast knowledge. 

She said Jesus came before the Greeks and Romans. She also stated that Christians existed in classical Greeks and that Greeks threw lions at them. 

She was next attacked for not having respectful attitudes and view points regarding sensitive topics like abortion. 

Grandchildren of LaVerne

LaVerne was the grandmother of two grandchildren from her eldest daughter side. 

One grandson is named Lamar Sally Jr, who was born in the year 2014. He is six years old. 

The next grandson is named Jeffery Charles Tarpley Jr. He was born on April 22, 2005. He is 16 years old now. 

Relationships of Daughter

Sherri was married to a man named Jeff Tarpley in the year 2001. Their marriage only lasted for eight years

They got divorced in 2009. After her relationship ended with Jeff, she began dating another man named Lamar Sally

They got engaged on December 26, 2010. Later they married in the year 2011 of August in Chicago

Their marriage only lasted for four years. They got legally separated in the year 2014

She has two sons, each from her ex-husbands. 

Sherri Shepherd with  her ex-husband Lamar Sally
Sherri Shepherd with  her ex-husband Lamar Sally  Source: Pinterest

Net Worth

Her daughter net worth and income sources are given below: 

Net WorthSources
$10 millionActor, Comedian, Media personality, author

Age, Height, and Weight

  1. LaVerne died at the age of 50 years.
  2. Her height and weight were never disclosed.

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