Lawrence Faulborn - Who Is Ex-Husband Of Kelli Giddish?

by Pragya Mon Mar 11 2024 Updated On Tue Mar 12 2024
Lawrence Faulborn - Who Is Ex-Husband Of Kelli Giddish?

Lawrence Faulborn is the ex-husband of American TV, stage, and film actress Kelli Giddish. He is an American businessman and entrepreneur. 

Lawrence and Kelli tied the wedding knot in 2015

Shortly after that, they welcomed their first kid, Ludo Faulborn. In 2018, they became parents to a second child, Charlie

They ended their marriage in 2018

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Lawrence Faulborn and Kelli Giddish on their wedding day.
Lawrence Faulborn and Kelli Giddish on their wedding day. Source: Pinterest

Lawrence got paralyzed? 

After the birth of their second baby, Lawrence got extremely sick. 

His sickness caused him paralysis, making him unable to move. He spent two months at the hospital because of the paralysis. 

Luckily, he recovered, and his ex, Kelli, played an important role during his hard days. 

She took care of him and had lots of love and support from their friends and family which made his recovery phase easier. 

Lawrence's ex-wife started a new life 

Lawrence's ex-wife, Kelli, has found love in her new husband, Beau Richard. She tied the knot in 2021, and in June 2023, she welcomed her first baby with Beau

 Kelli Giddish and her current husband.
Kelli Giddish and her current husband. Source: Instagram

She shared the happiest news on Instagram with a black and white photo of her husband and new baby. 

She has named her youngest boy Oldie Richards and shared about the love and happiness she and her whole family have for Oldie

Her fans knew about her third pregnancy when her character in Law and Order was also shown pregnant, just as in her two prior pregnancies. 

Playing the same role for a decade

Kelli played the character of Detective Amanda Rollins in the long-running series Law and Order: SVU. 

She got the part in the show when she was 29 years old and was part of the show for ten years. 

Kelli felt really honored and fortunate to be part of the show, and it was beyond her expectations that she could hold that character for so long. 

She also revealed that she has two kids, and her character also has two kids in the series. 

She also talked about why she thinks fans love the show. She says that the show has a beginning, a middle, and an end. 

In the show, lots of time, they do catch the bad guy, which she thinks satisfies many people. 

She also said that the show is a sister or brother show in organized crime. 

She feels now the world has expanded a little because now they have other characters as well, and she got to play her role with them as they came from another set to theirs, and she hopes she will get to work on their set as well.

When a fan recognizes her on the street and tells her how amazing she is on the show and how her show and she helped the fan in real life, she says nothing feels better because the show has an impact on people's lives. 

She added you can see it in people's faces and eyes, feel it from fan's hearts to theirs, and she feels good about what she is doing. 

Kelli on being a soap opera actor

Kelli worked in soap operas before her big breakthrough in Law and Order. 

At the beginning of her career, she did soap opera, and it’s totally different than doing a TV show. 

She personally felt that soap operas were harder to do because there were so many dialogues and lots of pressure. 

While she was doing soap operas, they had to shoot eight episodes in a week, but when she was doing Law and Order, they would shoot one episode in eight days. 

However, she did learn one thing from working in Soap Opera, and that is work ethic.

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