Who Is Layla Malibu Rose? Daughter Of Derrick Rose

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Who Is Layla Malibu Rose? Daughter Of Derrick Rose

Layla Malibu Rose is the daughter of professional basketball player Derrick Rose who plays for the New York Knicks of the National Basketball Association

She was born in 2018. Her mother is Alaina Anderson, a fitness model and entrepreneur from New York City

Her mom and dad got married in 2018 after dating for some years. Layla is the oldest and has a younger brother named London Marley Rose. 

Layla is quite popular on Instagram, as she has more than 22k followers.

Parents of Layla Malibu Rose.
Parents of Layla Malibu Rose. Source: Instagram

Derrick Talked About How He Has Changed As A Person

Derrick started playing professionally in 2008. Chicago Bulls drafted him. 

He became the youngest player to receive MVP in Chicago Bulls history. In addition, he was NBA's fastest-rising star. 

Derrick said that he had changed mentally and personally over the years. 

He shared that he was introverted and intimidated by interviews when he started. 

But now he has become an extrovert and knows how to deal with media and interviews. He said his goals had also changed over time. 

He said when he was in the initial phase of his career, he was obsessed with basketball and deliberately put it in place and situation in every aspect of his life. 

He describes his initial phase of playing as intrusive. Now he loves the game and has a deep passion for it. 

He also loves bringing his son to court to experience the things he is going through. 


Layla was born in March 2018 and is currently five years old.

Net worth

Layla's father has a net worth estimated to be $90 million

Layla Malibu Rose with her father, Derrick Rose.
Layla Malibu Rose with her father, Derrick Rose. Source: Instagram

Pressure Makes Derrick Play Harder

Derrick said he had been under ultimate pressure to play for Chicago Bulls. But he was preparing for this pressure from an early age. 

He grew up in Chicago, knows how crazy the fans are about them, and has high expectations from the organization. 

He said he knows what it is to be like to play in such an environment. 

He said he was not nervous about playing under such pressure as he has been playing in an aggressive environment since sixth grade. 

He added it allowed him to be calm in such a situation, be easy on himself, and focus on his game. 

Derrick Knew Jalen Brunson Since They Were In Elementary School

Derrick and Jalen have known each other for a very long time. They are teammates as they play for New York Knicks

He shared that his father was on the coaching staff, and Jalen used to come with his dad to games. 

He said he saw him at the gym. He mentioned he heard a lot about his game and numbers. 

He was amazed at how he was built and skilled. He shared he was athletic, intelligent, and an expert in the game. 

He added he was proud to see him succeed and now playing on the same court with him. 

He said that even when playing against him; he advised him never to quit.

Layla Malibu Rose with her brother.
Layla Malibu Rose with her brother. Source: Instagram

Derrick Burst Into Tears After Giving His Career-High 50 Points 

When Derrick played for Minnesota Timberwolves, he scored 50 points against Utah Jazz

He got emotional after the game was over. He said he worked hard for it. He added he did everything for his team, franchise, and everyone. 

He said he played his heart out in that game, and his teammate motivated him to go out and give his best. 

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