Who is Lee Hee-young? Wife Of Jo Hyeon-woo

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Who is Lee Hee-young? Wife Of Jo Hyeon-woo

Lee Hee-young is the beautiful wife of Jo Hyeon-woo, who is a goalkeeper for the South Korean national team and the club Ulsan Hyundai.

She is currently living with her husband in South Korea

Her Married Life

Lee and Jo are already married to each other. Their marriage was held in 2016.

Since Jo was enriched with a romantic vibe, he proposed to Lee on the hundredth game of his career at halftime in front of social media. 

He had written some messages on a sheet of paper for Lee to read, which made a different environment for the couples. 

Jo loves his wife so much that he even got a tattoo with a picture of his wife on his body. 

The couple is not shy to represent themselves in front of the media.

es  Lee Hee-young with her husband, Jo Hyeon-woo.
esLee Hee-young with her husband, Jo Hyeon-woo. Source: Pinterest

About Her Children

Lee and Jo are beloved parents. They welcomed their baby Cho Yerin after marriage. 

They have to hide their kid in front of social media for their kid's privacy in the future. They might reveal as time passes. 


The age of  Lee is currently not available because of her privacy in her personal life. 

She rarely speaks about herself in front of the media. But the age of Jo is 30 years old.

Net Worth

The net worth of Lee hasn't been disclosed yet. 

She might be supporting her husband's professional life. Instead, her husband's net worth is $1.5 million.  

About Her Husband

Jo is a professional footballer who is currently playing for the national team of South Korea and playing for the south Korean Club Ulsan Hyundai FC.

He was born on 25 September 1991 in Seoul, South Korea. He has served the club as a  goalkeeper for the last two years.

A Good Singer Beside A Goalkeeper

Jo is a good singer besides being a football player. He sang a song on a show named Radio Star

He had never disclosed this kind of talent in any other media. 

Everyone went into deep thought after listening to his soothing voice. 

As a Korean, he sang a Korean song in front of his friends and looked at his wife. 

Funny Moments With Jo Hyeon With Dingo PD

Jo was given a different task by the Dingo PD in an interview. They were there to have some fun with Jo

They try to give him a funny task. They gave him the first task to stop a tennis ball from being a goal. 

The member of Dingo PD threw the ball with their hand in the goal post. Jo saved it from being scored. 

Funnily next time, they create a small ball of minuscule size. 

They threw it again towards the post. Jo could not see the ball this time, which was an awkward moment for him. 

He started to search for the ball in the middle of the grass. The third time they talk about his hair. 

He has amazing hair. Even though it gets wet, it gets straightened in just a second. 

He has vanilla gold hair, so they asked him if he would have to choose to change the color of his hair, either pink or green. 

He replied that most of the fans preferred him to dye his hair pink, so he would change it to pink to respect the fan's decision. 

They also asked some questions regarding his career. They asked him which was his dream club. 

He chose Manchester United against Real Madrid, Liverpool, and Barcelona. 

Although the given task was nonsense, it was fun for them.

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