Lee Jung-jae

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Lee Jung-jae

Lee Jung-jae is an actor and model. He became famous after appearing in the role of Seong Gi-Hun in the popular Netflix series Squid Game

He is the son of Lee Chul-seong. He was born in Seoul, South Korea. He is South Korean by his nationality.

His Love Life

Lee was in a relationship with Kim Min-Hee previously. Kim is a famous actress. 

They dated back in 2003. Lee and Kim stayed together for three years and broke up with each other in 2006

After that, he dated Lim Se Ryung. Lim's father is the chairman of Deesang Group, a Korean food manufacturer.

Lee opened up his relationship with Lim in 2015. However, they have started dating much earlier than that, but they revealed it to the public in 2015 only. 

Lim is a successful businesswoman by her profession. As of 2021, Lee and Lim are still together and happily living with each other. 

They are not married yet. Lee has two stepchildren who are from his partner's previous marriage. 

They are spotted at many places together enjoying their love life.

Lee with his costars
Lee with his costars  Source: Instagram

About Lee Jung-jae 

Lee's full name Lee Jung-jae Young was born on December 15, 1972. His parents raised him in Seoul

Before starting an acting career, he first pursued a modeling career. 

He worked in a cafe where he got noticed by a fashion designer who signed him as a fashion model. 

He played his first TV drama in 1993, and because of that drama, he became famous. He has shown his appearance in many movies and series. 

Some of his movies are The Thieves, An Affair, Typhoon, and The Last Witness

As of 2021, he has shown his appearance infamous Netflix series Squid Game. 

His role play in that series made him popular in the whole world.

Age, Height, and Weight

He is 48 years old. His height and weight are five feet and nine inches and 74 kg, respectively.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Lee is $5 Million. His source of income is acting and modeling. 

The average income of Korean actors is estimated to be $83,000 per episode.

Lee Blamed For Calling A Dead Person A Gay

Lee is one of the great actors who has impressed a lot of people with his acting.

A time back, Lee was dragged into controversy after his interview. 

In that interview, he expressed his heartfelt condolence to his dead friend, and after that, he stated that his dead friend was gay.  

The interviewer and other people thought that Lee was calling Woo Jong-wan gay. 

Woo was a famous creative director. Lee and Woo Jong-wan were good friends before, and ultimately Lee's statement made him blamed for calling his dead friend gay. 

That one statement caused him to be a part of the controversy, and the sexuality of Woo Jong-wan was getting discussed by everyone. 

On the other hand, Lee was also suspected of being gay, but he has denied it.

Lee Jung Joined Instagram

Lee may be popular among today's youngsters due to his series "Squid Games," but he hadn't any social media account. 

His fabulous performance made people appreciate his work, and he quickly became everyone's favorite. 

Since he is one of the positive characters in the series, it became a cherry on the cake for the actor to gain such fame. 

He was away from social media platforms until he joined social media on October 2, 2021

It was not surprising that he gained many followers within a short period, but no one was expecting him to gain more than 300k in just less than 10 hours

He posted a selfie on the first day of his Instagram journey.

Lee Jung Does Stunts By Himself

Lee is a military boy and is a tough guy. This is the reason he doesn't like others doing a stunt for him. 

He likes to do his stunts himself until in some exceptions. He does lots of rehearsals for that.

He has been injured in some of his past movies. So he is paying extra care while doing stunts so that he can protect himself from injuries.  

There are very few actors who do their stunts themselves, and Lee is one of them.

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