Who Is Lee Madden? Late Father Of Madeleine Madden

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Lee Madden is the late father of Madeleine Madden, who is an Australian actress. He was married to Hetti Perkins, a writer and curator. 

They had three daughters.

He was a politician. He died in 2003 in a car accident.

Lee Madden's wife and their daughter.
Lee Madden's wife and their daughter. Source: Pinterest

About His Daughter

Madeleine was born on January 29, 1997, in Australia

Her family background is a mix of different races, and she follows the Christian religion

Her great-grandma Hetty Perkins is an elder of Arrertne, and her grandpa Charles Perkins was a famous activist and used to play football. 

Madeleine has two big sisters and two younger step-sisters. One of her sisters is Miah Madden, who is also an actress. 

Madeleine's aunt is Rachel Perkins, who is a director. 

She grew up in Redfern, a part of Sydney in Australia.

Madeleine was an intelligent student at Rose Bay Secondary College in Sydney

Madeleine Relationship

Madeleine has been praised for her acting since she started in 2009

She posted a cute picture with her partner on social media, which got much attention. 

People are interested in her love life even though she doesn’t share much about it these days. 

In 2018, Madeleine posted a lovely picture on Instagram for Valentine’s Day which showed her and her partner, Jack Rule, cuddling on a couch. 

People liked their sweet post and commented on how great they looked together. 

However, after that Valentine’s Day post in 2018, she didn’t share more pictures with Jack, and he has not been seen with her on Instagram anymore. 

This makes it seem like they broke up a long time ago.

They were seen together at events and even on the red carpet in 2017. Based on their social media, they started dating around 2016.

Lee Madden's daughter, Madeleine Madden.
Lee Madden's daughter, Madeleine Madden. Source: Instagram


Lee was born in 1926. He died in 2003 at the age of 77.

Net worth

His daughter Madeleine's net worth is about $5 Million.

Madeleine Talked About The Wheel Of Time Season 2

The second season of the TV show The Wheel of Time, based on a fantasy book series by Robert Jordan, premiered on September 1

This season continued to bring the exciting parts of the book’s world to life. 

Madeleine and Daniel Henney returned for the seasons. 

They played characters named Lan Mandragoran and Egwene al’Vere.

Lan is a protector of a secretive group called Aes Sedai, and Egwene wants to become a member of that influential group. 

In season 2, these actors explore their characters even more deeply. 

Madeleine talked about the different sets in the show. 

She loved the two sets because they looked like she had imagined from the books. 

Everything was so detailed, like the village chickens and trees. 

Being on that set helped her quickly feel like she was in the story's world and her character. 

But she liked another set a lot even though she wasn’t acting there. It's called the Eye of the World set

It was beautiful, with some other main actors filming their scenes. Madeleine visited that set and was amazed. 

It felt like a different place with its atmosphere, almost like it had its weather inside. She thought it was fantastic. 

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