Who Is Leland Francis Fraser? Son Of Brendan Fraser

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Who Is Leland Francis Fraser? Son Of Brendan Fraser

Leland Francis Fraser is the son of Brendan Fraser, a Canadian-American actor. Leland Francis' mother is Afton Smith

He is a model. He has around 35k followers on his Instagram account.

Leland Francis Fraser is on the ramp.
Leland Francis Fraser is on the ramp. Source: Instagram

Leland's Father Won The Best Actor At Oscar Awards

Brendan is a proud father of three sons with his ex-wife, Afton Smith

They got married in 1998 and had their first son in 2004, second son Holden in 2004, and youngest son Leland in 2006. 

Despite their 2007 separation, Brendan and Afton co-parent their kids, who often visit him. 

Parents of Leland Francis Fraser.
Parents of Leland Francis Fraser. Source: Pinterest

Brendan doesn’t share much about his kids publicly, but his sons made a rare appearance at a screening of The Whale, surprising him with cake and balloons after his Oscar nomination. 

Holden and Leland expressed immense pride on the red carpet, and Brendan later won the Best Actor Oscar and understood his sons in his acceptance speech. 

Leland is the youngest son. He was born in 2006 and joined his brother Holden on a 2002 red carpet.  

Brendan has mentioned his fatherhood journey describing Leland as an adventurous spirit, despite not showing his films to his kids yet Brendan looks forward to sharing his work with them as they grow older. 


Leland was born on May 2, 2006. He is 17 years old as of 2023.

Net Worth

As an American actor, Leland's father, Brendan’s net worth is about $20 million

 Leland Francis Fraser and his dad, Brendan Fraser.
Leland Francis Fraser and his dad, Brendan Fraser. Source: AmoMama

Brendan Talks About The Whale

Brendan talked about his well-praised role in The Whale and how he prepared a lot to become the character. 

He shared thoughts on the film’s impact, valuing the importance of understanding and empathy for people with severe obesity. 

Even though there’s been some criticism, Brendan welcomes the conversation about the film and its portrayal. 

He is getting much praise for his role, and his sons sweetly surprised him when the nominees were announced. 

There was a fun moment on the red carpet at the BAFTAs with a bumper sticker from one of his iconic films. 

The movie is a big deal, especially with Joaquin Phoenix’s incredible transformation into Charlie's character. 

They also discuss how COVID-19 has affected filmmaking and the need to care for each other. 

The film’s impact is essential, with the character of Charlie being relatable and complex. 

It has even led more people to seek help promoting awareness of mental health. 

The film challenges old ideas about severe obesity and encourages empathy. 

In making the film, there are five characters and one camera reflecting the challenges of the time. 

The filmmaker is open to criticism, stressing the importance of understanding and having conversations. 

They address biases and fear in the criticism, calling for constructive dialogue and action. 

Brendan's Remarkable Comeback In Hollywood.

Brendan is making a remarkable comeback with his outstanding performance in The Whale, receiving a standing ovation at the Venice Festival

Despite taking a break from Hollywood, he is now a strong contender for a Best Actor Oscar Nomination

Brendan faced personal struggles, including a traumatic incident in 2003 where he experienced sexual harassment but remained silent for years. 

This challenging time, along with a divorce in 2009 and the death of his mother in 2016, he was led to a challenging period in his life. 

Despite these hardships, Brendan, known for roles in George of the Jungle and The Mummy, is now in the spotlight with a decisive role in The Whale, where he plays a man dealing with life at over 400 pounds. 

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