Who Is Lennon Ramon Marsch? Son Of Jesse Marsch

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Lennon Ramon Marsch is a son of Jesse Marsch.

His father is a Premier League League Leeds United coach and used to be a professional football player. He has two siblings. 

Family of Lennon Ramon Marsch.
Family of Lennon Ramon Marsch. Source: WELT

Reasons Why Jesse Chose Leeds United

He said he came to the club because the club's people convinced him. 

He was glad they did so because he thought it was the right decision he had ever made. He is very happy to be a part of the club. 

He feels he is perfect for the team. He was always open to challenges and loved to challenge himself. 

Taking over the club was a challenge for him. He said it would have been easier for him to stay in the US and coach the national team.

But he did not want that life as he wanted exposure and adventure. He wanted to learn and grow from difficulties. 

He said that he faced many difficulties, but it was part of the journey. He said that he would do everything to help his player. 

He aims to make the club one of the best academies in Germany and produce a world-class player who can contribute financially to the club, structure the club's financial state, and invest it in the club's infrastructure. 

He wants to see the club be one of the best clubs in Europe in the future. 


His father, Jesse, is 49 years old

Net worth

His father Jesse's net worth is estimated to be $10 million

Parents of Lennon Ramon Marsch.
Parents of Lennon Ramon Marsch. Source: Major League Soccer

Jesse Talks About Taking Over Leeds United As A Coach

After being at for just a week in Leeds United as a coach, he shared his experience and said that he loved everything. 

He loves to be in the stadium. He said he made the right decision to join the club. 

He loves his players and got a very heartwarming welcome from the club fans and staff. 

He was looking forward to achieving a lot many things. 

He said he was grateful to be here; everyone made him comfortable, and he felt like he belonged in the club. 

He envisioned his team as aggressive, passionate, responsible, and united. 

In the initial phase, he worked with his team and staff and understood each other so they could build a relationship and understanding. 

He was excited to enter out of that tunnel as a coach of Leeds United for a match. He was looking forward to that moment. 

The club supporters said to him that they would chant Marcelo Bielsa's name, the former coach of Leeds, during the match. 

Jesse was okay about that because he did not take it personally, as he was aware that they wanted to express their respect and honor him for whatever he did for the club. 

He was looking forward to heart, his name chanted by the supporters too. 

Lesser Known Facts About Jesse

Jesse loves to travel a lot. He has been to 73 countries. 

He loves going on a road trip with his family rather than a luxurious vacation, as he loves to explore new cultures. 

He has got a degree in History. 

He can speak German. His role model is Bob Bradly coached him at Princeton. He has got a great sense of humor.

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