Who Is Leon Brown? Child Of Meri Brown

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Who Is Leon Brown? Child Of Meri Brown

Leon Brown is the trans child of American TV personality Meri Brown. Leon is also known for their appearance in reality TV series The Sisters Wives

They were born in the year 1995 and have their birthday on July 29

Leon is a program manager by their profession. Leon is an American citizen by nationality. 

Parents of Leon Brown.
Parents of Leon Brown. Source: Pinterest

Married Of Leon

Leon is trans male, so he is referred to as they or them. 

As of 2023, Leon is happily married to their wife, Audrey Kriss

Leon met Audrey when they were in college, and Leon was the one to fall for Audrey. 

They started crushing on Audrey, and soon after getting to know each other, they started dating. 

They got engaged in 2019 and, as of 2023, have been married for a year. 

Leon and Audrey tied their knot in October of 2022 at the courthouse and kept their marriage secret for a month before revealing it to the public. 

Leon Brown and Audrey Kriss.
Leon Brown and Audrey Kriss. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

Leon is 26 years old. They have a net worth of $ 5 Million. Their source of income is a TV personality and program manager

Leon Brown and Meri Brown.
Leon Brown and Meri Brown. Source: Instagram

Leon Accepted Herself

Leon was born to her parents as a girl. She was known by the name Mariah before she came out. 

In 2022, they publicly came out as a trans male and shared that news through their Instagram. 

Leon wrote in their captain that it took them many years to accept who they were.  

They didn’t figure out anything. However, someone told them they didn’t have to figure out anything to express themselves. 

They didn’t reveal that person's name, but it motivated Leon to accept them for who they are and let the world see, too. 

Leon also mentioned that they prefer Leon and Leo and wanted to be referred to as they or them. 

Leon grew up in a very conservative household, and because of that, they couldn’t express their authentic selves, but in 2022, they found themselves ready to show their true selves, and they proudly came out as trans male.

Leon’s Father Was Disgusted By Them

Leon’s dad, Kody Brown, is a well-known TV personality. 

Their dad has an estranged relationship with most of his close ones, and one of them is Leon, too. 

In 2022, after Leon opened up about them being trans, their dad was ridiculed for their decision. 

Leon and Kody stopped talking to each other, and none of their parents were there at Leon’s wedding. 

When Kody knew about Leon’s transition, he clearly said he didn’t know who Leon was. 

He knows his daughter Mariah, whom he raised himself, and has no idea about the person talking about transitioning on social media. 

Kody did not support Leon’s decision; they have not spoken on the same terms since then.

Girl Leon Brown.
Girl Leon Brown. Source: Instagram

Leon Felt Left Out

Leon grew up in a household of 18 siblings. 

Leon’s now estranged dad, Kody, was a polygamist, was married to several women, and had a total of 18 children with different wives. 

Every child in their household has siblings from their mom and dad, but things were different for Leon.

Leon is the only child of their mom and dad, and because of that, they never had their siblings. 

According to Leon’s half-sister Gwendolyn, Leon always felt odd in the family as they had no siblings. 

When Leon came out as trans, Gwendolyn supported Leon and told them that they had found a safe place to live where they would no longer feel like odd ones or left out. 

Leon’s Transformation

Leon has wholly transformed themselves from female to male. 

A few months after her revelation, she also shared about having surgery on her social media. 

She shared her decision to undergo a full-body transformation with her fans.

Leon’s partner Audrey has also undergone the same procedure to change themselves, and they are both happy about their decision. 

During their transformation, Leon shared a picture of them going through the procedure and showed their bare chest. 

Leon’s mom hasn’t responded yet about Leon’s transformation, but Leon seems happy with their true self and is growing more confident about their appearance.

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