Who Is Lesia Winnicki? Mother Of Katheryn Winnicki

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Who Is Lesia Winnicki? Mother Of Katheryn Winnicki

Lesia Winnicki is the mother of Canadian actress Katheryn Winnick. 

Lesia's married to Roman Winnicki. She has four children, including Katheryn, with her husband. 

She is currently living in Canada. She is a German citizen by her nationality. 

Lesia Winnicki with her husband Roman Winnicki and daughter Katheryn Winnick.
Lesia Winnicki with her husband Roman Winnicki and daughter Katheryn Winnick. Source: Twitter

Married Life Of Katheryn 

Katheryn is not married yet. Katheryn is currently dating Michael Persall. 

It is known that her partner is a businessman, and they are very happy together. 

Lesia Winnicki's daughter Katheryn Winnick.
Lesia Winnicki's daughter Katheryn Winnick. Source: Instagram


Her daughter Katheryn is 44 years old.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Katheryn is $1 Million.

Lesia Winnicki's husband Roman Winnicki and daughter Katheryn Winnick.
Lesia Winnicki's husband Roman Winnicki and daughter Katheryn Winnick. Source: Instagram

Teacher At The Age Of 16 

Katheryn is a very well-known actress and has won the hearts of many people. 

But many people don't know that she is a martial artist too. 

Back in her childhood days, she was a big fan of Taekwondo

She started training herself in martial art at a very young age. 

At the age of seven, she started doing martial arts, and by the time she was thirteen years old, she became a black belt.

After that, Katheryn became a teacher, and she was only sixteen when she started teaching martial arts.

She taught children as well as adults at the age of sixteen. Now she has her martial art school.

Katheryn opened up that she was a very strict teacher when she started teaching. 

She punished children who misspoke and also made them do push-ups. 

She used to sit on their back and made them do push-ups.

Serious About Acting 

Katheryn played her first-ever role in the TV series as the main lead in 2015

She starred as the main lead actress in a TV show named Trump on Authorize

In that show, she played the role of Donald Trump's first wife. 

She was scared and excited as it was her first-ever character play as the main lead actress. 

She didn't want to mess up, so she took that role seriously. 

She tried to show her acting naturally, so she looked at Trump's wife and just got into her character. 

She changed her accent and just presented her as the character. 

She was very serious, and as an actress, she always thought that acting was all about showing character, so she completely got herself into the character.

Attacked Her Friends

Katheryn opened up her martial arts school at sixteen, and in one of the interviews, she recalled one of the incidents that occurred when she was teaching martial arts. 

She was in her school preparing her students for the black belt. 

It was late at night, and she thought of depositing some cheques, so she went to the ATM near her school. 

There was a coffee shop opposite the ATM, and many boys were there. 

She went to the ATM and closed the door, but suddenly one of the boys came and opened the door. She directly attacked that boy and then another boy. 

When she heard someone calling her name, she realized it was her friends.

Heartbroken Seeing The Situation In Ukraine  

Katheryn is a Ukrainian citizen. Although she was born and raised in Canada, she has a connection with her motherland. 

She opened up that she went to Ukraine for a few days, and when she saw the situation there, she was devastated. 

As everyone is aware of the situation in Ukraine and the war happening there with Russia, Katheryn got scared when she saw it through her own eyes. 

She never thought that something like that would happen to her nation. 

Her many families and friends are under-grounded, and she wants people to raise their voices and pray for her home country. 

Violation is everywhere in the country, and she feels heartbroken to say that her upcoming generations will not be able to see the heritage of Ukraine

She asked every people to raise their voice and support her nation, Ukraine.

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