Lesli Wallen

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Lesli Wallen

Lesli Wallen is the mother of Morgan Wallen, an American singer and songwriter.

Her husband's name is Tommy Morgan. She lives in Sneedville, Tennessee, with her family. She is an American citizen.

Lesli with his son and husband
Lesli with his son and husband  Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Lesli took wedding vows with Tommy Morgan in 1991. They dated several years before marriage. 

They have three children together two daughters Ashlyne and Mikaela, and a son Morgan.

They are still together and have celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary this year.

Family of Lesli Wallen
Family of Lesli Wallen  Source: Instagram

Relationship Status Of Morgan Wallen 

Morgan dated Katie Smith previously.  They both dated each other in 2017. They also attended an Award function together. 

They also got engaged but later separated from each other. 

Wallen and Smith have a son named Indigo Wallen, born in July 2020. 

Wallen is the single parent of their child. He also shared his experience of raising a child alone by himself. 

Though he and his wife have no relationship now, they always keep their son as a priority rather than anything. 

Smith started living in Nashville, Tennessee, believing that they could co-parent their children properly.

As of 2021, Morgan is not dating anyone.

Morgan with his son
Morgan with his son  Source - Instagram

About Morgan Wallen

Morgan's full name is Morgan Cole Wallen, an American singer and songwriter born on May 13, 1993.

His parents raised him along with his two sisters. When he was a kid, he was more interested in sports than music. 

He wanted to be a baseball player when he was in college. But later, he harmed his elbow, so he chose music

He also competed in a show but couldn't win that. He released his first song in 2015

He got popularity from his songs, and one of the song was also shown in the Billboard chart.

Wallen was nominated for many awards. He also won Billboard awards as a top male artist. He has already released several albums.

Lesli Wallen's Son Wrote A Song For Her

Lesli's son Morgan dedicated a song to her. Morgan wrote a song for his mother Lesli titled "Thought You Should Know.

He has talked about his life in the form of lyrics. He also spoke about his life and his trauma in the lyrics. 

He also opened up that he met a girl just like his mother. 

That lyrics completely showed that Morgan was giving information about his life to his mother through that song. 

Lesli also shared her reaction to his son's song, saying that she enjoyed and loved that song dedicated to her by his dearest son.

Morgan Was Arrested As He Broke The Rule

Morgan was caught breaking the rules while he was seen in a bar singing. 

He was partying in a bar during the Corona pandemic on October 3, 2020. 

He was there with no mask, drinking and kissing many women present over there. 

There was no social distancing at the party too. 

He clearly showed his carelessness during that party as he misbehaved there, taking pandemic as a joke and found breaking coronavirus protocols.

He got viral on social media. Because of that incident, he could not perform in SNL (Saturday Night Live), which was going to be held a week later. 

The show's producers banned him as he disrespected the show's COVID-19 agreement.  


Lesli celebrates her birthday on September 11 every year.

Net Worth 

Morgan's net worth is $4 Million

His source of income is singing. He has released several albums, and he is also a songwriter too.

He earned $1,356,000 from singing.

Morgan Was Blamed For Being Racist

Morgan was seen in a video where he was talking loudly with his friend using the racist word N. 

He was not aware of it, but this tongue slip caused him a big problem. 

He was gaining so much popularity through his music, but this incident dropped that all. 

His songs were removed from many platforms like Spotify, Apple music etc. Top radio channels also stopped playing his songs. 

Even his label stopped working with him. This incident made his album flop eventually. 

No one in any means tolerated that mistake of his. He was blamed that he was a racist. 

Being the public figure and using racist comments was nowhere to be tolerated by anyone. But later, He apologized to everyone. 

He also agreed that people wouldn't accept such words. 

His one mistake caused a bad image of him, and it also impacted his musical career.

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