Liam James Tell

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Liam James Tell

Liam James Tell is the eldest son of American television personality, fashion designer, and author Lauren Conrad

Liam’s father, William Tell, is a well-known Guitarist. He has a younger brother named Charlie

He was born on 5 July 2017. He is American by his nationality.

Parent’s Relationship

Lauren was in a relationship with Kyle Howard previously. Kyle is an actor by his profession. 

They dated each other back in 2008.  Her ex-partner Kyle said that showing his presence in reality shows could affect his acting career, so because of that, they weren’t able to shoot for a documentary.

They both stayed in a relationship for three years, and in 2017 they broke up.

After that, she started dating William Tell, a guitarist. They started dating in 2012, and after dating each other for a year, they started living together in Westwood, Los Angeles

In the same year, they got engaged with each other. A year after getting engaged, they married. 

They have two sons together named Liam and Charlie.  As of 2021, they are still together and living happily with their two children. 

Liam James Tell  mother, Lauren Conrad, and father William Tell
Liam James Tell  mother, Lauren Conrad, and father William Tell  Source: Instagram 

About Lauren Conrad 

Lauren is an American Television personality, fashion designer, and author born on February 1, 1986.  

She is the daughter of Jim Conrad and Kathy Lawrence. Her parents raised her with her two siblings in Laguna Beach, California.

She has pursued her career as a fashion designer since she was a teen. At the age of 18, she was cast into a television series titled Laguna Beach: The Orange Country. 

As her motive was to be a fashion designer, she joined Fashion Institute, and there she worked for Teen Vogue

Besides being a television personality and fashion designer, she is also a writer who has published her books.

Liam James Tell with his younger brother Charlie
Liam James Tell with his younger brother Charlie   Source: Instagram 

Age, Height, and Weight      

His current age is four years old. At the time of his birth, his weight was 6lbs and 14 oz.

Net Worth 

The net worth of his mom Lauren is $40 Million. She earns that sum of money from being a television personality, fashion designer, and author.

Lauren’s Sex Tape Got Viral

In 2007 the third season of The Hills was released. The third was titled “You Know What You Did.” 

At that time, a rumor of Lauren was getting over everywhere. That rumor was all about the sex tape of Lauren with her ex-partner.

Lauren then blamed her co-star Heidi Montag and her boyfriend, saying that they spread that rumor. 

She was pissed off and decided to end her friendship with Heidi, who used to be her best friend too.

Lauren Got Insulted By James

A time back, the famous makeup artist James Charles posted of video of him on his social media, saying that he had received some PR package. 

He opened up that he was completely unknown about that sender. In that video, he showed his follower that he had received a nasty PR package that was whole empty inside. 

There was no product inside, and he only received empty containers. After seeing that story, Lauren knew that James was pointing to her new beauty brand. 

She immediately responded to James back saying that it was her silly mistake and she was the one who sent him the package and apologized for her mistake. 

She also added it was a complete accident. On the other hand, James also said sorry as he was unaware that it was Lauren, and he shouldn’t have posted those videos.

Was Lauren Forced To Leave Her Show?

Lauren had done the famous reality series The Hills. Since the first season, she had shown dedication in that series, and because of that, she had grabbed a lot of attention from the audience. 

She was one of the attractive personality of that series and worked up to 4th complete season. 

But she shocked her fans by revealing her leaving from that series in the middle of the 5th season

She first said that she was leaving that series as she wanted to do something new, but her fans doubted it. 

Later Lauren opened up the real reason behind her quitting the show. 

She was forced to maintain good relations with Heidi Montag, her co-star with whom she had issues, which kept her in a hard situation.

Family of Liam James Tell
Family of Liam James Tell    Source: Instagram 

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