Lilly Greenfield - Who Is Max Greenfield Daughter?

by Manisha Tue Jul 25 2023 Updated On Sat Mar 09 2024
Lilly Greenfield - Who Is Max Greenfield Daughter?

Lilly Greenfield is the daughter of actor and author Max Greenfield. She has a younger brother named Ozzie

She was born on January 27, 2010. She also wanted to be an actor like her father. Before she turned 10, she performed under two local productions. 

Her mother is Tessa Sanchez, a casting director by profession. 

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Lilly Greenfield and her father, Max Greenfield.
Lilly Greenfield and her father, Max Greenfield. Source: Instagram

How did Max meet his wife?

Max met his wife during the early 2000s. At that time, Max was an aspiring actor. 

They shared their number on the first date, and on the second date, he impressed Tessa by giving her a mix tape of Cool James. They tied the knot in 2008.

Family of Lilly Greenfield.
Family of Lilly Greenfield. Source: Instagram

Max talked about parenting and his life after having kids

Max and Tessa are parents to two beautiful kids. 

In an interview, they shared that their journey as parents was more relaxed in the case of their second child. 

He said stress level was higher when they had Lily as they had no experience in parenting. 

Max is a single child as he does not have any siblings, so it was a new experience for him to raise two kids together. 

He said he learned to multitask after having kids. Max said it was very stressful to manage time for each other. 

His wife is okay with having three kids, but Max does not agree with her. 

He said before kids, they were romantic, but after having kids, they laugh a lot, and cry a lot too.

Tessa makes a list for his day, and Max also likes to work as per schedule. 

He said he feels a sense of accomplishment once he does all the things that his wife has listed for him to do. 

He said some of his friends does not hang out him with in his house anymore as he has his kids all around. 

He said he could not sleep well for one and a half years because his daughter was not a good sleeper. He said he got his dark circles because of his kids. 


Lilly Greenfield is 14 years old

Net worth

Her father's net worth is estimated to be $3 million. He has managed to earn this fortune from his career as actor

Max takes her daughter to his workplace

In an interview, Max revealed that he take his daughter to his work. 

He said that he was shooting for the Neighborhood show and his daughter also came on his set to see him and there was lot of live audience too. 

He had a lot of anxiety and told his daughter not to come. He said his daughter was interested in watching the process of making movies and everything. 

One day he saw how Will Smith is so good with his kids and take his kids to his workplace in his Instagram. 

So, he decided to bring his daughter and include her in his work. He said his daughter is great and she is very good at sets. 

He said they have incredible experiences on work but sometime she will interrupt him in the middle of his shoot and says she is bored. 

He would simply say she is hungry. 

Max found his daughter missing a Halloween costume

Max shared in 2018 that his daughter wanted to be dressed as Hermione Granger from Harry Potter for Halloween at school. 

He said she went to school in that costume and came back from school. 

They had plans of going out together. Suddenly, he heard his daughter's sound from another room. 

His daughter said that her cape was missing. So he rushed back to her school, but it was not there. He found her cape in the school courtyard. 

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