Lilly Margaret Brant- Tragedy Of Stephanie Seymour Daughter

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Lilly Margaret Brant- Tragedy Of Stephanie Seymour Daughter

Lilly Margaret Brant is the daughter of American model and actress Stephanie Seymour. 

Her father's name is Peter Brant. Lilly has three brothers, Harry Brant, Dylan Thomas Andrews, and Peter Brant Jr. Among them, Harry passed away.  

She was born in 2004 and has her birthday on October 28

Lilly herself is a model like her mom. 

Gorgeous Lilly Margaret Brant.
Gorgeous Lilly Margaret Brant. Source: Pinterest

Who Is Lilly Dating?

Lilly is a very private person. Unlike her family, she keeps herself away from the spotlight. 

Because of that, it's unknown if she has a boyfriend or not. She does an Instagram account, but it's private. 

Married Life Of Lilly's Parents

Lilly's mom Stephanie and dad Peter Brant have been married to each other since 1995

The couple shares three children. Their first son Peter Brant Jr. was born in 1993, and in 1996 they welcomed their second son Harry Brant, but sadly he died in 2021 because of a drug overdose. 

Their youngest daughter Lilly was born in the year 2004.

Lilly Margaret Brant with her parents.
Lilly Margaret Brant with her parents. Source: Instagram

Lilly's Parents Are Together After divorced

Stephanie and Peter have been married to each other for more than two decades now, but in 2009, things were different. 

At that time, Stephanie filed divorced from Peter, accusing Peter that he abused and cheated her, but in 2010 they settled everything and got back together. 

Age And Net Worth 

Lilly is 18 years old. She has a net worth of $50 thousand. Her source of income is modeling.

Lilly Margaret Brant with her mother, Stephanie Seymour.
Lilly Margaret Brant with her mother, Stephanie Seymour. Source: Instagram

Lilly Misses Her Late Brother

Lilly has always grown under the shadow of her big brother Harry as they were closet persons, according to Lilly

But the death of her brother before his age was something that Lilly couldn’t undo. 

She was sad about the fact that she had lost the closest person. She expressed that she missed her brother more than anything. That was such a tragic time for the family.

She also opened up that Harry had a great sense of humor as he made Lilly laugh and made people’s day with his humor. 

Moreover, she revealed that Harry was there for Lilly in her every moment, good or bad. 

She also said that Harry was the one who taught Lilly to have a great nature towards everyone and spread happiness in the world.

Lilly Is Following Her Mother’s Footsteps

Lilly is just in her teenage, but she is already showing her wings to be like her mother, Stephanie, or more successful than her. 

With the modeling gene she inherited from her mother, she is already on her move to be a successful model. 

She is active on her Instagram and many platforms and has successfully made thousands of fans through her modeling. 

She has worked for many fashion brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Nike, and others. 

But looking at her talent and contacts made by her parents, it might not take long for her to represent those brands as their ambassadors and make them proud as parents.

Lilly And Her Mother Have the Same Fashion Taste

Lilly’s mother, Stephanie, is a fashion icon as she is a top model. 

But her love for fashion is carried by her and has also inspired her daughter Lilly

Lilly is still a young girl but staying with her mother and getting access to her wardrobe inspired her to be in fashion. 

She was used to seeing many designer dresses from birth and getting in contact with one of the most famous designers of all time, Azzedine Alaia, was her fortune. 

Both mother and daughter have the same taste in fashion, as Lilly has always grown under her mother's influence and fashion sense. 

She was also gifted a designer jacket of white color by Alaia himself and considered it her favorite fashion collection.

Lilly Was A Model Since Her Birth

Most people struggle to get into the highly demanded and money-making field of modeling. 

While many people don’t even get a minor opportunity even after struggling a lot, whereas, Lilly had this opportunity at two

Her mother, Stephanie, and all the children had to do modeling for the Gap Campaign

All the members of her family had to pose wearing the Gap hoodie. So, Lilly already did her professional modeling at the age of two

But as she grew up, she became more interested in it. She is seen modeling with her mother. 

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