Who Is Lily Isaacs? Daughter Of Jason Isaacs

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Who Is Lily Isaacs? Daughter Of Jason Isaacs

Lily Isaacs is the daughter of Jason Isaacs, an English actor. He is mainly known for his role in the Harry Potter movie series.

Her mom is Emma Hewitt.

Parents of Lily Isaacs.
Parents of Lily Isaacs. Source: Pinterest

Parent's Married Life

Jason was born in Liverpool. He was born on June 6, 1963.

He was involved in his college’s theater department and performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in the mid-80s

Jason is married to Emma Hewitt. He keeps his private life out of the public eye and doesn’t share much about his relationships. 

He has two children with his wife. He has two daughters named Lily Isaacs and Ruby Isaacs

Jason's height is 5 feet 11 inches. His nationality is British. He has blue colored eyes. And his zodiac sign is Gemini.

Family of Lily Isaacs.
Family of Lily Isaacs. Source: Pinterest

Jason Plays The Role Of Cary Grant In The TV Series Archie

The upcoming show Archie is about Cary Grant, a famous actor, but it focuses on his early life when he was called Archibald Alexander Leach

Jason plays the role of Cary Grant on Archie

He says the series examines Cary’s problems and how he created the Cary Grant character to hide his difficulties. 

It explores Cary’s challenges with anxiety and addiction, leading to problems in his relationships, including his failed marriages. 

The show tells how Cary found peace by letting go of the need for others to love him and learning to love himself. 


Lily was born on 23 March 2002, and her current age is 21.

Net Worth

As a British actor, her father Jason's net worth is about $8 million.

Jason And Tom Felton Talk About The COVID-19 Pandemic Impacts

In the YouTube video, Jason and Tom Felton discuss their experiences during the COVID-19 lockdown. 

They mentioned that even though they have it better than some, it can still be lonely and overwhelming. 

They shared how they try to stay safe by washing hands and avoiding unnecessary travel. 

The actors also discussed supporting others through organizations like the Red Cross. They see the lockdown as a time for reflection. 

Later in the video, Jason and Tom discuss teenagers' challenges during the lockdown, feeling stuck at home with their parents and not much to do. 

They value staying sane by watching documentaries, reading, and being creative. 

They also mentioned their recent projects like Netflix’s Cats and Tiger King

They expressed excitement about potential positive changes that may come from the pandemic.

They also talked about how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the entertainment industry. 

They mentioned people losing their jobs and projects getting delayed. Despite this, they find comfort in watching old movies. 

They joked about reading too many books during the lockdown and planned to watch the third Twilight film. 

Overall, they discussed how they adjust to the situation and find positive aspects in challenging times. 

Jason's Children Don't Watch Any Of His Movies

Jason Issacs revealed that his children are not allowed to watch any movie he is in, including the iconic Harry Potter films where he plays Lucius Malfoy

He humorously mentioned that his kids would do strange things like eating their toes instead of watching their dad on screen. 

Jason joked about his roles involving intimate scenes or violence, making it awkward for his kids. 

However, he noted that they love the Harry Potter books. 

Jason is hosting a Harry Potter quiz for the British Red Cross, aiming for a fun family activity with co-stars making appearances. 

He values it for a good cause and is free to join.

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