Lin Milano

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Lin Milano

Lin Milano is the mother of American actress, producer, singer and author Alyssa Milano.

Lin is married to Thomas M. Milano. Lin, herself, is a fashion designer. She has two children. She is of Italian descent. 

Lin Milano with her husband
Lin Milano with her husband  Source: Instagram 

Relationship Status Of Alyssa Milano 

Alyssa was in a relationship with Corey Haim, an actor. They both dated for three years and later got broke up. 

While she was in a relationship with Corey, she helped him with his parents. After that, she dated Scoff Wolf

They were engaged to each other but later ended their relationship. She has also aborted two times when she was dating Scott

Milano then got married to Cinjun Tate, who was a singer. They were married for only ten months and later got divorced. 

After that, she got engaged with David Bugliari. They then got married in 2009. After two years, they welcomed their son. 

In 2014, they gave birth to their second child, a daughter. They are still together, living their life happily with each other.

Alyssa with her husband
Alyssa with her husband  Source: Instagram

About Alyssa Milano

Alyssa is an American actress, singer, producer, and author born on 19 December 1972. Her parents raised her with her brother Cory

Her birthplace is Bensonhurst. She is famous for her character as Samantha Micelli in Who's the Boss?

She started her career when she was seven years old. She has appeared in many TV shows and movies. 

Some of her movies are Where the Day Takes You, Crash Course and Speed Zone.

Because of her performance in movies and TV shows, she also has been nominate for and won many awards.     

Lin Milano with her daughter Alyssa Milano
Lin Milano with her daughter Alyssa Milano  Source: Instagram 


Lin was born on 25 March 1948. Her current age is seventy-three years old.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Alyssa is $10 Million. Her source of income is acting, producing, singing, writing and activist

She earns $90,000 per episode.

Alyssa Got Into An Accident 

Alyssa was caught in a car accident on August. She was with her uncle when she got into an accident. 

Her uncle Mitch Carp was driving the car as they both were going to the doctor for her checkup. 

She had her ears ringing and for that issue, she went for a checkup with her uncle. But suddenly, her uncle lost consciousness. 

As he was driving the car, they got into a terrifying accident. 

Later they were rushed into the hospital, where it was known that her uncle had a heart attack. 

His condition was too bad at that time, but later, he improved. Thankfully Alyssa wasn't harmed in that accident. 

Alyssa Was Harassed While Shooting 

A time back #MeToo movement was going viral on social media. Many shared their story of harassment. 

Alyssa showed her full support in that movement. She then opened up about herself. 

She said that she was also sexually abused by a man who was 17 years senior to her. At that time, she was working on her show Who's the Boss

As she was new to the industry, she thought to improve her acting, so she took a mature role to perform intimate scenes. 

When she was performing a love scene with a senior man, that man assaulted her. He forcefully tried to finger her. 

She didn't speak the man's name as she had faced that harassment 25 years back. 

She said she spoke about that issue after 25 years because she now had that platform to speak about the pain that she had kept up to herself for so many years.

Alyssa Milano Didn't Speak Against Joe Biden

#MeToo movement was in trend, and people were coming out and talking about being victims of sexual harassment in 2020. 

Rose McGowan also talked about Joe Biden's behavior towards her and asked girls to support her. 

Many people talked about how Joe harassed them. Rose asked Alyssa to support her, but she stayed silent. 

For her silence, people started to talk about her and her silence. They even said that she was a shame to women and the industry. 

After much criticism from fellow co-stars and fans, she finally broke her silence. 

She said that not every man is guilty and, without proper investigation, if Biden is guilty or not, she said she has no right to speak. 

She also addressed that she knows Biden for long and cannot think Biden can do that. 

She does not support any gender but wants to stay on the side of fair justice.

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