Lincoln Monarch Smith

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Lincoln Monarch Smith

Lincoln Monarch Smith is the son of famous singer and songwriter Granger Smith. Lincoln's mother's name is Amber Emily Bartlett.

He was born in 2014. Lincoln has a sister and two brothers. One of the brothers died at the young age of 3

Lincoln was born in America and is an American citizen. 

Family of Lincoln Monarch Smith
Family of Lincoln Monarch Smith  Source: Instagram

Parents Relationship 

Granger was married to Amber Emily Bartlett on 11 February 2010. They didn't know each other until 2009

Granger first saw Amber on Facebook, where she appeared on people you may know. 

Back then, Granger was looking for someone to cast for his music video "Don't listen to Radio." 

He searched for a girl to cast in the video and auditioned many but didn't find anyone perfect and compatible for the role.

After seeing Amber on Facebook, he got a vibe that she should be in the video. 

He asked her about the video, and Amber signed with Granger. They were an on-screen couple. 

They then started talking and soon dated each other. After that, they got married and gave birth to four children

They have a daughter and two sons. One of their sons died at the age of 3.

Granger with his wife, Amber
Granger with his wife, Amber  Source: Instagram

About Father Granger Smith

Granger was born on 4 September 1979. He was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, America. He is one of three children of his parents. 

He has two brothers named Parker and Tyler, among which Tyler is his manager too. 

He is married to Amber Emily Bartlett and has three children. His one son died at the age of three

Granger is also called Earl Dibbles Jr. He started showing interest in music when he was fourteen.

He started writing and making music at 19 years of age, but the music didn't work for him until 2013

He then started making names and appearing in America's top list for albums. His most hit music was 2016's "Backroad Song.

Lincoln Monarch Smith with his father, Granger Smith
Lincoln Monarch Smith with his father, Granger Smith  Source: Instagram

Death Of Younger Brother

Lincoln had a brother named River Kelly Smith, who was just 3 years old in 2019

One night, Lincoln and his brother, River, were playing water guns, and his sister London was with her father, Granger.

Suddenly some horrifying incident happened in their family. Lincoln's younger brother drowned in the pool. 

After being taken out of the pool, Amber and Granger tried to give CPR to River

He was taken to hospital, but unfortunately, doctors couldn't save his life. 

Lincoln's parents donated his organs to needy ones to give reason to his life.

It was such a devastating moment for parents to see their little one dying. The family still misses River.

Lincoln Monarch Smith with his sister and late brother River Kelly Smith
Lincoln Monarch Smith with his sister and late brother River Kelly Smith  Source: Instagram

Granger Canceled All His Shows Due To Injury

In 2016, Granger performed in Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, New Jersey

In the middle of the performance, he suddenly fell from the stage and hit directly into the metal barricade. 

He somehow managed to end his performance with his most popular tone, "Backroad Song," but after that, he was rushed into hospital where he found out that it was serious. 

He was admitted to the emergency ward. His lung was damaged, and ribs was broken. It was a painful time for Granger.

His fans were praying for his well-being, for which he thanked all his supporters through his tweet; due to this serious injury, he canceled all his shows that year. 


Lincoln is seven years old.

Net Worth

Lincoln is a school-going kid, so there is no information about his net worth. His father, Granger, has a net worth of $6 million.

Granger and Bowen Had Some Misunderstanding

Granger smith said something about the music scene of Texas

Bowen was part of Texas music, and Granger was offended about the scene. 

He was not personally connected with Granger; hence he decided to express it publicly. 

He said that Granger shouldn't talk about the Texas music scene if he is not familiar with it. 

Bowen informed about the Texas music scene and artists who stayed connected to Texas and provided music in the same place, unlike Granger

Later, both Granger and Bowen personally had a phone conversation, cleared out all the misunderstandings, and were in good terms.

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