Who Is Linda Raff? Stunning Wife Of Papu Gomez

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Who Is Linda Raff? Stunning Wife Of Papu Gomez

Linda Raff is the wife of Argentine professional footballer Papu Gomez. 

Linda herself is an entrepreneur by her profession. Besides that, she is also a social media star and shares lots of photos on Instagram. 

She is an Argentine citizen. 

Linda Raff with her husband, Papu Gomez.
Linda Raff with her husband, Papu Gomez. Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Linda is married to her husband, Papu Gomez, a well-known football player. 

The couple has been married to each other for a long time, and now they are parents to three children two sons named Milo Gomez and Bautista Gomez and a daughter named Constantina Gomez.

Children of Linda Raff.
Children of Linda Raff. Source: Instagram

How Did Linda Meet Her Husband?

Linda met her footballer husband back in 2011. Papu was playing in Atlanta at that time, and Linda was an architect.

They met each other and started dating. 

Age And Net Worth 

Linda is 33 years old and has a net worth of $2 - $4 Million. Her source of income is business. 

Family of Linda Raff.
Family of Linda Raff. Source: Instagram

Linda Is Independently Popular

Linda might have a famous athlete husband, Papu, a football player. 

But she is not popular just because of her husband. She might have been known for her husband in some context, but she is an independently popular lady. 

She has created a huge name for herself because of her work as an Architecture and Fashion Designer. 

She is known for her entrepreneurship which has her own fashion line.

 She has achieved a huge mass of followers, more than 100 thousand on her social media, who appreciate and follow her works of fashion design and the content she puts out for her fans. So, she is a proud self-independent lady.                                               

Linda’s Husband, Fouled Valverde, Intentionally

Linda’s husband Papu went against Real Madrid. In the match between Sevilla and Real Madrid, Sevilla was really losing the match, and with the time coming to an end, the game was getting more intense. 

The tackling and fouls were also in high numbers in the match. 

In the verse of losing, the forward player did something that was not allowed in football. 

He was so furious in the match that, when the Real Madrid player Valverde passed Papu by dribbling him, he intentionally kicked the player in the ankle. 

The kick was so harsh that Valverde could have gotten injured really badly. Fortunately, he didn’t have any serious problems. 

His act was not legal in the football world, so he got the taste of a yellow card in the match.

Warning Sevilla About Messi 

Papu has played alongside Messi and knows how dangerous he can be for Sevilla in the match against Barcelona for Copa del Rey

He revealed that Messi could be so much worse as an opponent. 

His team might have reached the semi-finals, but to get to the finals, they must be more careful about Messi

Not only should they focus on Messi in the match, but he expressed that they can only have a bit easier match if Messi himself has a bad day. 

But if Messi is in his best form, Papu said that it would be more than difficult for his team to win the match.

Abuse Made Papu Left The Club

Papu joined Sevilla after being transferred from Atalanta. It looked like a normal transfer, but the player revealed the dark truth about his transfer. 

He expressed that in one of the matches in the Champions League, he was said to play on the right side by the coach of the team Gian Piero Gasperini when just 10 minutes were remaining for the half time. 

But since he was doing well on the left side, he refused to Play on the right and continued his play. 

The manager was so angry because he didn’t obey the manager’s tactics. 

Papu knew that he was wrong as a captain not to obey, but the coach almost beat him at half-time. 

As an attempt to physically attack, he apologized to the coach. After that incident, he didn’t want to continue and left the match.

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