Who Is Lindamarie Newton? Mother Of Wayne Brady

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Lindamarie Newton is the mother of comedian, actor, singer, and television personality Wayne Brady.

She was married to Wayne Brady Sr. They are parents to their two kids. Wayne's mom and dad are West Indians. 

Wayne Is The Father Of Two Children

Wayne has a daughter named Maile Masako Brady from his ex-wife Mandie Taketa. Her daughter was born in 2003.

Even though they ended their marriage, they are co-parenting their daughter. 

In 2021 he was blessed with his second child. His ex-wife adopted a son with his partner Jason Fordham, and Wayne is the Godfather of that child.

Wayne Brady with his wife and their daughter.
Wayne Brady with his wife and their daughter. Source: Instagram

Wayne Has Come Out As A Pansexual

In an article published by the People, Wayne opened up about his sexuality. 

He said that he is pansexual. He came out as pansexual in front of his daughter and ex-wife before telling the world. 

He said he is attracted to a person who is gay, straight, bi, or transsexual. 

He revealed he was in a happy place at this point in life. He said he started learning and knowing about him after the death of Robin Williams in 2014.

He said he went to therapy and searched for love. He mentioned he had been attracted to men but never dated one because he was scared of what people might think of him. 

He said he has friends from the LGBTQ community, but he never revealed the truth of his sexuality, giving him a roof to hide his secret. 

He added he has lived in shadows over the years. He is now free and open. Currently, he is single.

Lindamarie Newton's son Wayne Brady.
Lindamarie Newton's son Wayne Brady. Source: Instagram


Her son Wayne is 51 years old

Net Worth

Her son Wayne's net worth is estimated to be $ 12 million. 

Wayne Opened Up About Battling Depression

Wayne revealed that he was used to have a mental breakdown when he was in his room alone. 

He was a comedian and show host and seemed fine and happy on camera. 

Behind the camera, he was depressed, which weakened him. He said he is also human and has emotions, and it is impossible always to remain happy. 

He shared that sometimes he could not move his body and stayed still no matter how badly it hurt him. 

He thought he was a horrible person, and he deserved that. He admitted on his 42nd birthday that he had enough of his breakdown. 

It was his lowest point, and he was crying all day. He shared that after his birthday, he promised to improve himself. 

Robin Williams' suicide was also a wake-up call for him to take care of his mental health.

Wayne And His Ex-Wife Talked About Their Relationship

Wayne and his ex-wife Mandie were friends before they got married. They have been friends with each other since 1995.

He said they welcomed their daughter, and even after they parted ways, they share close bond with each other and were there for their daughter. 

They were also work partners as they worked in a production company. 

Mandie said that her marriage was never a failure. Their bond was terrific. 

She added they had just moved on in their life. She said Wayne knew her better than anyone else in the world. 

She said she loved him and remained friends with him because of the reason, not just because they shared a child. 

She added if they didn’t have a child also, they would still be friends. 

She said their journey has been challenging as they have worked on their relationship. 

She mentioned they still go to therapy. Wayne noted that Mandie asked him to focus on his mental health before they divorced.

He said they have always been in a healthy relationship. 

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