Lindsay Hubbard Parents And Siblings

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Lindsay Hubbard Parents And Siblings

Lindsay Hubbard is a TV personality and a businesswoman. She is well known for her appearance in the reality TV show Summer House

She also had her own company, Hubb Public Relations. She was born in the year 1986 and celebrates her birthday on August 11

She is an American citizen by nationality. 

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Parents and siblings

She was born to an American parents. She is blessed with a sibling named Brandon

Her parents brought her up along with her brother in Florida. She was also surrounded by her cousins, whom she considers her siblings.  

During her cousin Whitney Wilkins's wedding, she made a heartfelt post on her social media where she said her cousins were like her siblings to her and her brother. 

Lindsay Hubbard with her parents and sibling
Lindsay Hubbard with her parents and sibling. Source: Instagram
Lindsay Hubbard with her parents
Lindsay Hubbard with her parents. Source: Instagram
Lindsay Hubbard with her brother
Lindsay Hubbard with her brother. Source: Instagram

Her parents and siblings make frequent appearances on Lindsay's social media accounts, where they are seen enjoying each other's company.

On the occasion of Mother's Day, Lindsay posted a series of pictures with her mother, her aunt, Rhonda Wilkins, and wished Mother's Day to all the beautiful, strong mothers in her life. 

Lindsay Hubbard with her mother
Lindsay Hubbard with her mother. Source: Instagram

Married life of Lindsay 

Lindsay isn’t married yet. 

In an interview with Andy Cohen, she revealed that she is dating, but for now, she is just enjoying herself and not looking into something serious. 

However, she didn't talk or reveal much about who she is currently seeing.

Previously, she was engaged to Carl Radke. She met Carl in the first season of Summer House in 2017

They became friends first and slowly started getting close. 

In 2019, they started dating. However, they broke up for a while and later reunited in 2022 and even got engaged. 

They also had a wedding planned, and Lindsey even had her bridal shower. 

During an interview, Lindsey said wedding planning is busy, and Carl has not been helpful at all. 

She also said that it was not Lindsey's wedding, but it was Lindsey and Carl's wedding, so it would be nice to have a little help.

But Carl called off the wedding, and the couple ended their relationship as things didn’t go well between them. 

Returning the ring.

After the breakup, Lindsay had to return the engagement ring as Carl demanded it back. 

Carl mailed her, saying that he wanted the ring back, so Lindsay contacted her jeweler as she had given the ring to the jeweler after the breakup for safety, and the jeweler gave it back to Carl

Age and Net Worth 

Lindsay is 37 years old. She has a net worth of $1.1 Million. Her source of income is TV shows.

Lindsay went to couple therapy? 

Lindsay and Carl started their relationship again in 2021. They were best friends before getting romantic, and Lindsay was really happy with him. 

But their relationship wasn’t great as shortly after they started dating both of them went to couple therapy. 

They started having communication problems because Carl was having a hard time with his job, which created problems in their relationship. 

So, to overcome their issue, they both went to couple therapy and worked it out. 

Was Lindsay blindsided? 

Lindsay got heartbroken after her finance ended their relationship. 

She talked about the aftermath of the breakup in an interview and said that the first month was terrible for her. 

Lindsay was all prepared to marry Carl, but out of nowhere, Carl announced their breakup on camera. 

She also claimed that Carl blew up her entire life. In November 2023, she revealed it was absolutely humiliating. 

She said Carl had the producers set up the cameras and manipulated her into sitting down just so that he could break up with her in front of the camera. 

Lindsay had absolutely no idea that Carl was going to do that, nor did during their relationship Carl showed any indication of him not being happy or ready to start a new life with Lindsay

She was totally blindsided, and it was really unexpected for Lindsay

As Carl did the whole thing on camera, the whole world knew about their breakup in a very short time. 

She had to go and hide in her apartment for weeks because she couldn’t get out without answering the paparazzi's questions. 

Lindsay is the same in real and reel life 

Lindsay has been part of the reality TV show since 2017. She was in an on-camera relationship in the show. 

So, in an interview, she was asked how she balanced her real life and on-camera relationship with her ex-fiance Carl

The show Summer House has lots of drama, and Lindsay herself creates lots of drama, but despite that, she says that those things never affect her relationship with Carl in real life. 

Also, she feels that she had more on-camera dating experience than her ex, Carl, as Carl had never been in an adult relationship prior to her. 

She also said that she is quite the same in reel and real life as she doesn’t like changing herself just for the show. 

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