Who Is Lindsay Phillips? Mother Of Kalvin Phillips

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Who Is  Lindsay Phillips? Mother Of Kalvin Phillips

Lindsay Phillips is the mother of English professional football player Kalvin Phillips. She's married to her husband, Mark Phillips. 

Her husband was a Jamaican citizen. She has four children with her husband, Mark. Lindsay is an Irish-British citizen by her nationality. 

Lindsay Phillips with her children.
Lindsay Phillips with her children. Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Lindsay was married to her husband, Mark Phillips. They have been married to each other for a long time. 

Lindsay has four children with her husband; her children are Deren Phillips, Terrell Phillips, Tasiana Phillips, and Kalvin. She gave birth to Triplets. 

Sadly only two children managed to survive, and Kalvin is one of those triplets. 

Lindsay never had her husband by her side. She raised her kids as a single mom and did her job well.

Lindsay Phillips's four children, Deren Phillips, Terrell Phillips, Tasiana Phillips and Kalvin.
Lindsay Phillips's four children Deren Phillips, Terrell Phillips, Tasiana Phillips and Kalvin. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

Lindsay's age and net worth are unknown. 

Her son is currently 26 years old and has a net worth of $9 Million. 

Lindsay Phillips with her son, Kalvin Phillips.
Lindsay Phillips with her son, Kalvin Phillips. Source: Instagram

Lindsay Has A Great Hand In Kalvin’s Success

Lindsay’s son Kalvin has reached tremendous success, and he is not looking back. 

But he credited his success to his mom and revealed that he would not be where he is now without his mother. 

Lindsay used to work at two places to feed her children. 

She used to leave Kalvin at her mother’s house because there was no one to look after him and his siblings. 

During the entire struggle, Lindsay always supported Kalvin with his football career. 

Hence, Kalvin is now taking care of everything she ever missed because of her condition.

Lindsay's Troubled Marriage Life

Lindsay and her husband, Mark, were once in love, but as time passed, Mark started to get involved in fights, drugs, crime, and other illegal activities. 

So he was sent to jail again and again. 

Even after his return, the couple used to get into a really bad fight, for which he again used to get back to jail. 

But their son Kalvin’s statement said his father was raised that way. 

As a child, Mark was unknown of his father and growing up as the only black man in the neighborhood, he was always teased in school and in the neighborhood. 

Hence, in later life, he ended up being the guy with no purpose and attempting crimes.

Kalvin Used To Have Free Meal

Kalvin was raised in a financially poor household and never even had a chance to have something of his preference or any tasty kind of food. 

Because of his financial status, he used to get a free meal from his school, while other children used to bring their food. 

He used to have the same food daily, and his friends teased him for his free tiffin every day. 

Kalvin also always wanted to bring the tiffin from the home of his preference. He also wanted to eat chocolates like his friends. 

But whenever he used to ask for such things, his mother used to deny saying she had no money. 

His mother was feeding them by staying hungry, so she couldn't provide any additional things that her children wished for.

Kalvin Phillips with his partner.
Kalvin Phillips with his partner. Source: Instagram

Kalvin Was At The Right Place At The Right Time

Kalvin was playing for Elland Road FC in his initial days and was a talented young player. 

But during one of the two-day tournaments, the player got to leave, and his family wanted him to join them. 

But since he was more interested in football, he stayed to watch football. 

He was then forced to play in the team by his teammate by offering their jersey. 

He couldn’t stop playing, so he played the match. Luckily, a Leeds United scout was just in the game to observe the young talent. 

Kalvin was so good in the next match that he quickly caught the scout's attention. 

But his beautiful tackle in the match made the scout sign him.

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