Who Is Lindsy Wild? Mother Of Olivia Cooke

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Who Is Lindsy Wild? Mother Of Olivia Cooke

Lindsy Wild is the mother of Olivia Cooke. Her daughter is an actress known for her role as Emma Decody in the series Bates Motel.

Lindsy used to work as a sales representative. She was married to a retired police officer John Cooke.

They got separated when Olivia was just a child.

Lindsy Wild's daughter Olivia Cooke.
Lindsy Wild's daughter Olivia Cooke. Source: Teen Vogue

Is Olivia Married?

She has been spotted with few men. Olivia was in a long-term relationship with Christopher Abbott

She started dating him in 2015

They were spotted at a number of events together. 

But they got separated in 2019. In early 2020 she met Ben Hardy on the set of "Pixie" in Ireland

After working together, they shared great chemistry and were in a romantic relationship.

The couple got separated during the lockdown. Currently, Olivia is focusing on her career and not seeing anyone. 

She is occupied with her upcoming projects, and her full concentration is on her work. 

She is not married or engaged. Currently, she is single and is not dating anyone.

Olivia Cooke with ex-boyfriend Ben Hardy.
Olivia Cooke with ex-boyfriend Ben Hardy. Source: Pinterest


Lindsy's daughter Olivia is 28 years old. She is 5 feet 5 inches tall

Net Worth

Her daughter's net worth is estimated to be $2 million.

Olivia Is In Prequel Of Game Of Thrones

Olivia is one of the lead in GOT prequel 'House of Dragon'

In an interview, Olivia shared about her audition process. 

She said that she had given loads of auditions for the show. She was put on for six weeks. 

The show is kept top-secret, and she was sworn not to talk about her audition to anyone else by the show makers. 

She was selected for the role but could not share it with anyone before the show makers officially announced their cast members in a press release. 

She even did not share the news with her best friends.

When they announced Olivia as one of the casts of House of Dragon, her friends were like why did you not tell us? 

Olivia Talked About Working With Steven Spielberg

Olivia played a lead role in Spielberg's Sci-fi movie ' Ready Player One. ' 

She shared her experience of working in such a huge blockbuster movie. 

She revealed that they were on set shooting for five months. 

Steven also visited the set, and everyone was excited to see him. 

When she first went to that movie set, she was very nervous about it. 

She revealed that the set was big. The design was massive and out of the world. 

She had a great time working with him as he made them comfortable on the set. 

In one of the interviews, she shared that Steven was also nervous and terrified on set. 

Olivia Talked About Her Friend And Mother

Olivia got the best piece of advice from her friend. Her friend advised her not to apologize for every single thing. 

She learned to be unapologetic for the things that she has not done and not to care about every small thing and feel guilty about it. 

While growing up, she looked up to her mother. She said that her mother is her biggest supporter and confidant. 

Her mother was always by her side. 

For every single thing, she takes advice from her mother though she does not agree with most of it.

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