Who Is Lio Gerrard? Son Of Steven Gerrard

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Who Is Lio Gerrard? Son Of Steven Gerrard

Lio Gerrard is the son of an English football manager and former football player Steven Gerrard. 

His mother’s name is Alex Gerrard. Lio is the youngest brother of his three sisters, Lilly-Ella Gerrard, Lexie Gerrard, and Lourdes Gerrard

Lio’s birthday is on 29 April. He was born in England and is an English citizen.

Family Of Lio Gerrard.
Family Of Lio Gerrard. Source: Instagram

Parent's Married Life

Steven is married to Alex Gerrard, who was a former nail technician. 

They got married in front of close friends and family in 2017. 

They dated for more than a decade before they decided to get married. They now have four children together. 

Steven and Alex now live in a beautiful Manson near Liverpool with their three daughters and a son.

Lio Gerrard's parents, Steven Gerrard and Alex Gerrard.
Lio Gerrard's parents, Steven Gerrard and Alex Gerrard. Source: Instagram


Lio was born on 29 April 2017 and celebrated his fifth birthday in 2022.

Net Worth

The net worth of Steven is $90 Million. His main source of income comes from being a professional football manager.

Lio Gerrard with his sister.
Lio Gerrard with his sister. Source: Instagram

Steven Looked Up To John Barnes

Steven was one of Liverpool’s valuable players in his time. Many people looked up to him. 

But for Steven he looked up to John Barnes while growing up. 

He stated John as his idol as John was also the main man of the Liverpool team back in time. 

John was a brilliant winger and goal scorer. 

He revealed in an interview that he got some VHSs and DVDs about John at Christmas time, and he used to love seeing him play. 

He used to learn a lot from him and has always been John’s greatest fan.

Steven Almost Lost His Leg And Career

Steven was one of the best players of his time. But his career ended before it even started. 

He played on the rough ground with his friends back in the day. While playing, the ball went into the bush. Steven went to bring the ball. 

He didn’t want to use his hands. Hence he decided to kick the ball from his leg. 

While kicking blindly into the bush, he mistakenly hit the pitchfork. 

A rusty pitchfork went inside Steven’s toe, and he went to the hospital. 

Doctors thought that he couldn’t play because of the rusty pointed fork. 

They even thought his toe should get removed. But fortunately, he was treated well. 

He took time to heal, but it was all okay by the time.

Zinedine Zidane Was The Toughest Opponent

Steven was asked about the biggest player that he had played with. 

He then shared that playing beside Rooney on the English team was great

Rooney was in his best form in the days and was stoppable. 

So playing side to side with him was a great deal for Steven

Taking about the club, he played with Suarez, who was also one of the greatest players. 

In addition, Steven also expressed that Zidane was someone he found tougher as an opponent. 

While playing against the French team, he found defending Zidane challenging

Zidane was all over the pitch, scoring, assisting, showing skills, and having creative movements. 

He described Zidane as the greatest opponent he had played against.

Steven Got A Standing Ovation

Steven has always devoted himself to the Liverpool club. He has been in the club peripheral from his young days. 

He played for Liverpool’s main team and retired from the club. 

Even if he is not in the Liverpool club now, he still loves the club. 

He never stays away when it comes to his former club and is always loyal to the club.

Due to the same reason, even though he represented Aston villa club, he was given a standing ovation by the Liverpool fans in the Liverpool home ground. 

It was a proud moment for the manager.

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