Who Is Lisa Burton? Mother Of Hilarie Burton

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Lisa Burton is the mother of Hilarie Burton, who is an American actress. Lisa is married to Bill Burton

Lisa worked in real estate; her husband was in the US Army. They have four children: Hilarie, Billy, Conrad, and Johnny.

About Her Eldest Daughter 

Hilarie is their eldest daughter. She was born on July 1, 1982, in Virginia, USA. Her full name is Hilarie Ros Burton

Hilarie is the oldest of her siblings and grew up in a happy family of six. 

She went to Park View High School and was a student council president and cheerleading captain. 

She was also a multitasker. She was vice president during her junior year and the homecoming queen in her senior year.

Daughter Married Life

Hilarie is married to Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Both are actors. They have a solid and loving relationship. 

They have been together for over 14 years

Hilarie wrote a book called Grimoire Girl, and in it, she talks about how Jeffrey inspires her work. 

Family of Hilarie Burton.
Family of Hilarie Burton. Source: Instagram

He is very dedicated to acting and cares about the stories and characters he plays. 

They even acted as a married couple on the TV show The Walking Dead, which was a unique experience for them. 

They both have busy schedules, so their time together is precious. 

They have two children, a son named Gus and a daughter named George.

Even though they are apart, sometimes it makes their reunions even more special. 

When they have arguments, Hilarie has a little trick to make up. 

She and her son crush tomatoes together while making tomato sauce, and she secretly thinks of it as a way to calm down their arguments. 

It seems to work because Jeffrey feels loved when she cooks for him. 

Their relationship is usually private, and they surprised many people with their wedding in 2019

They had lived like a married couple for over ten years before officially tying the knot. 

They first met in 2009 through a blind double date arranged by a friend. 

They live on a farm in New York

They own a candy store in their hometown with another famous couple, Paul Rudd and his wife. 

They enjoy spending time with their family and have a happy life together. 


Lisa's age is not known.

Net worth

As an American actress, Hilarie's net worth is about 5 million dollars.

Hilarie Talked About Her Book “Grimoire Girl”

Hilarie talked about her book called Grimoire Girl

She explained that a Grimoire is like a particular book where people, especially women, used to keep essential knowledge. 

She named her book Grimoire Girl as a way of rebelling or standing up for something. 

Hilarie also mentioned that her book has fun little spells that show how we all have a bit of magic in our lives. 

She spoke about dealing with grief, especially the loss of her friend Willie Garson, an actor on Sex and the City

They were close and became parents around the same time. He was a big supporter of her. 

Hilarie is also part of a podcast with her former co-stars from the TV show One Tree Hill Allied Drama Queens

They have another podcast called It Couldn’t Happen Here, where they talk about important issues and try to get people involved in making positive changes in the world. 

The people on the show The View were very thankful for her being there and invited her to come back in the future. 

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