Who Is Lisa Capuano? Mother Of Chris Evans

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Who Is Lisa Capuano? Mother Of Chris Evans

Lisa Capuano is the mother of actor and filmmaker Chris Evans. She used to be an artistic director

Her husband is Robert Evans, who is a dentist. Apart from Chris, the couple shares two daughters and a son too.

Lisa Capuano's husband Robert Evans and son Chris Evans.
Lisa Capuano's husband Robert Evans and son Chris Evans. Source: Instagram

Is Chris Married?

Chris is not married yet.  

But there is a rumor that he is secretly dating Brazilian actress Alba Baptista

A source reported that Chris has been dating Alba. Some close friends of Chris revealed that Chris is serious about his love life right now. 

But his fans are very much sure that the actor is in a serious relationship with the Brazilian beauty

In an interview, Chris revealed that he wants to settle down in life and have a family. 

Lisa Capuano's son Chris Evans.
Lisa Capuano's son Chris Evans. Source: Pinterest

Past Relationship Of Chris

Chris had been linked to many women in the past. He dated his co-star Jessica Biel

They appeared in two movies while they were in a relationship. They dated from 2001 to 2006.

Jessica told the source that Chris was the keeper. He was very romantic. He used to do a lot of sweet stuff for her. 

They even talked about getting married in the future and building a family together. 

They were in a pretty serious relationship. 

But things ended between the two when Jessica started dating Justin Timberlake.

After the break-up, he dated Mika Kelly for a while. 

They again collided with each other in 2012 when they starred in the same movie. 

They dated for a year. They were spotted together at many events. 

The couple never talked about their relationship publicly. So the reason behind their separation is unknown. 

He was seen with Dianna Agron at the 2011 pre- Oscar party. They were spotted cozying up during that event. 

There was a rumor that he was dating his childhood crush, Sandra Bullock

But Sandra turned down the rumor and said that they were just good friends. 

He found his love with Jenny Slate. But their love lasted for a year only. It was an amicable split. 

He was spotted with Lily James enjoying ice cream in London

They were also seen going to a hotel after partying at a nightclub, but they never confirmed their relationship.


Her son, Chris is 41 years old.

Net Worth

Her son's net worth is estimated to be $80 million. He has managed to earn this fortune from his acting career. 

He has appeared in many blockbuster movies. He is one of the highest-paid actors in the world. 

He had made millions by appearing in a Marvel movie. Chris has earned chunks from many endeavors too. 

Lisa Capuano with her children.
Lisa Capuano with her children. Source: Instagram

Chris Had His Dog's Name Tattooed On His Chest

In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Chris revealed that he shares the purest form of bond with his dog. 

The name of his dog is Dodger

He has tattooed his name a couple of years ago, and he has never regretted the idea of having that tattoo. 

He even joked about his dog having his name tattooed on his chest. He shared his idea about naming his dog. 

Chris grew up watching Disney animated movie Oliver and Company. 

When he first saw his dog, the first thing that came to his mind was the dog is like Dodger from the Disney movie he used to watch. 

When he brought his dog into his house, he spent many days thinking about what should be named. 

At last, he decided to name him Dodger

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