Lisa Cloud McLaughlin- Tragedy Of Angus Cloud Mother

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Lisa Cloud McLaughlin- Tragedy Of  Angus Cloud Mother

Lisa Cloud McLaughlin is the mother of the late American actor Angus Cloud. She was a University professor.

She was married to her husband, Conor Hickey. He passed away in 2023 after battling cancer. 

She shared three children, one son and one pair of twins, with her former husband. She is an American citizen of her nationality. 

Lisa Cloud McLaughlin with her husband and son, Angus Cloud.
Lisa Cloud McLaughlin with her husband and son, Angus Cloud. Source: Facebook

Lisa Saved Her Son

Lisa has always been a proud and supportive mom. Her son Angus was an actor, and she always supported him with his work. 

According to her son Angus, she was the one who saved his life when he got into an accident. 

He shared that he fell into a construction pit hole while he was returning to his home. 

He hit his head badly and was lying unconscious inside the pit for a long time. 

When he woke up, he found himself inside a pit hole and somehow managed to escape alone. 

He then went to his home, and at first, when his mom Lisa saw him, she thought he was high on drugs, but she later got concerned as he started vomiting blood. 

She tried to keep him awake, gave him water, and rushed him to the hospital. In the hospital, Lisa and Angus learned that he had a broken skull and fingers.  

Lisa Cloud McLaughlin's son, Angus Cloud.
Lisa Cloud McLaughlin's son, Angus Cloud. Source: Instagram

About Lisa's son Angus 

Angus was an actor well known for his appearance in the HBO TV series Euphoria as Fezco O'Neil.

He was born in 1998 and had his birthday on July 10. His full name was Conor Angus Cloud Hickey.

His parents raised him with his younger twin sisters, Molly and Fiona.

Married Life Of Angus 

Angus wasn't dating anyone at the time of his death. He never talked about his love life when he was alive. 

However, there had news of him dating Sydney Martin

They were very close, and the dating rumors started after she posted cozy pictures with Angus.

However, none of them ever confirmed their relationship. 

Before Sydney, he was also linked with two actresses named Maude Apatow and  Chase Sui Wonders

But none of the people ever confirmed them being involved romantically. 

Age And Net Worth 

Her son Angus was 25 years old at the time of his death. He had a net worth of $2 Million.

Death Of Her Husband

Her husband, Conor Hickey, died at age 65 on May 18, 2003. He was battling cancer. It was a tragic phase for his family, especially for his son Angus.

He couldn't accept the fact and died after two months his father's death.

Lisa Cloud McLaughlin's husband.
Lisa Cloud McLaughlin's husband. Source: Instagram

Angus Was In A Dark Place

Angus gained popularity after his role in Euphoria. His character Fez was adored by many, and in real life, he was loved and adored by many people for his kind heart. 

Sadly the actor is no more, as he died on July 31, 2023. It was known that he was found unconscious by his mom, and she dialed 911 quickly, informing him that Angus was not responding and she might have assumed that he overdosed himself. 

He and his family went to Ireland to bury his dad, and since he had returned from Ireland, he was in a dark place. 

He was mentally struggling and dealing with suicidal thoughts. The exact reason behind his death is still unknown.

Angus Was Accused Of Not Paying

Angus's acting career rose drastically after he became part of Euphoria. 

With the fame and good things, many negative things came along, too, as the actor was accused by his former manager of not paying him and rudely behaving. 

Angus met Diomi, a well-known talent manager, while Diomi was working as mental health technician. 

He was the one who got Angus into the acting business. When he first met Angus, he was in the wrong place. 

He was doing drugs, but Diomi came forward and looked after him. 

He looked after Angus and his business deals and checked whether he had been getting paid from his workplace. 

He also kept a check on Angus and made him work even when he was high on drugs. 

However, he later claimed that Angus didn't appreciate him for what he did; instead, he verbally abused him and refused to pay him his own money.

Angus Got Judged For His Disability

When Angus was a teenager, he was in an accident that broke his skull. 

He fell into the pit hole, and when he went to the hospital, it was known that he had a broken skull. 

The doctors managed to fix his skull. However, the injury affected his speech. 

He became very slow at speaking, and because of that, people often assumed that he didn't have to work to play his character.

He played Fez, a slow-speaking drug addict in Euphoria. His character and his in real life both had one thing in common, and it was his speech, so he often got told that he didn't have to make any effort playing his role. 

But it wasn't true. Angus himself had opened up in interviews that he had to make a lot of effort to bring Fez's character to life. 

He didn't care what other people told or talked about because he knew what he had done to bring the character out.

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