Who Is Lisa Cross? Mother Of Avery Dixon

by Manisha Tue Jan 17 2023 Updated On Wed Jan 25 2023
Who Is Lisa Cross? Mother Of Avery Dixon

Lisa Cross is the mother of Saxophonist Avery Dixon. Her son got limelight after getting the golden buzzer in America's Got Talent Season 17. 

Her husband is Marcus Dixon. Her older son is Cortez Dixon. She is a very supportive mother. 

Is Avery Dating Anyone?

There are no details about who he is dating now, as he hasn’t shared anything about his personal life.

Lisa Cross's son, Avery Dixon.
Lisa Cross's son, Avery Dixon. Source: Instagram


Lisa's son Avery is 25 years old.

Net Worth

Lisa's son Avery's net worth is estimated to be $350k.

Lisa Cross with her son, Avery Dixon.
Lisa Cross with her son, Avery Dixon. Source: YouTube

Avery Talked About Performing On America's Biggest Platform

Avery said that he was always meant to be on stage. Music has always been part of his life. 

Though he didn't use to play saxophone before, he always listened to music. 

He said he is meant to play it for the rest of his life. Even if someone has done the same thing on that platform, he wanted to give something brand new to the judges and audiences. 

He said he was grateful for the Golden buzzer. He further added when he performed on the stage, he felt welcome. 

Avery Shed Some Light On His Practice Session

Though it seems natural and effortless when Avery performs on the stage, there is a lot of practice and training behind the scene. 

He mentioned that he practices hard, and even before his shows, he practices for hours. 

He shared that he takes breathing treatments and controls his breathing. He said it is like a workout, as he has to do many things to get things right. 

Avery Wanted To Impress The Judge In AGT

The 17th season of America's Got Talent was judged by Simon Cowell, Howie Mandal, Sofia Vergara, and Heidi Klum.

In an interview when Avery revealed that out of them, Simon and Howie give some tough comments and criticism. 

He said that they would-be brutally honest with the contestant. So he wanted to impress them. 

No Complaints From The Neighbors After Avery Went To AGT

After getting the golden buzzer in AGT, Avery became an overnight sensation. 

Though he didn’t win the show, he won millions of hearts and got a massive fan following worldwide. 

Before coming to the show, someone from his neighborhood called the police as he practiced on his saxophone. 

He was again called for AGT All-Stars. He shared that after the show, he got an insane response from all over the country. 

He mentioned that he had been offered to play across the world. He is going on a tour soon. 

When Simon asked whether there was any complaint from his neighbors or not. 

He gave a very witty reply. He said that if they are complaining, he doesn’t care, as their complaints are overshadowed by the amount of praise and applause he is getting worldwide. 

Avery's Biggest Inspiration Is His Great Grandfather

Avery has been following in his great grandfather footsteps and is continuing his legacy. 

His great-grandfather was Maxwell Davis, an American R&B saxophonist, record producer, and arranger. 

His great-grandfather has worked with some of the legendary musicians of the music industry.

Avery Has Asthma And Some Medical Complication

Avery was born prematurely. His weight was around 1 lb. and 8 oz. at birth. 

Doctors didn’t expect that he would survive. By the grace of God, he survived. 

Because of that, he has a condition that causes his voice to be pitchy and airy. 

He has that condition because his vocal cords do not close completely. Despite that, he is playing saxophone and excelling in it.

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