Lisa Mordente- Tragedy Of Chita Rivera Daughter

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Lisa Mordente- Tragedy Of Chita Rivera Daughter

Lisa Mordente is the daughter of the late Chita Rivera, an American actress and singer. 

Her father is Tony Mordente, an actor, dancer and director.

Lisa Mordente and her parents.
Lisa Mordente and her parents. Source: Pinterest

Lisa And Her Mom Chita, Lovable Bond

Lisa was born in 1958 while Chita was starring in West Side Story.

Lisa grew up around theatre, attending with her mom, which sparked her love for the stage. 

She passed away after a short illness, leaving a legacy that includes her iconic career and her influence on her daughter’s journey into the world of theatre. 

While rehearsing for West Side Story, she fell in love with Tony Mordente, who played a Jet. After that, the couple got married in 1957.

She got pregnant with their daughter Lisa, but she continued performing in the show even when she was six months pregnant. 

The production paused before Lisa’s birth and resumed when Chita returned. 

Lisa was born the first Half Jet, Half Shark, due to her parents’ roles. 

She always felt a spiel connection to the musical. She would get emotional during certain parts, and when she shared this with her mom, Chita revealed she had memories associated with those moments from backstage. 

This made Lisa feel deeply connected to West Side Story. Lisa shared that her mom kept her work and home life separated.

Despite Chita's success, she was unaffected at home. They had regular family dinners at 4 p.m., and Lisa could distinguish between her mom on stage and at home. 

When Lisa expresses interest in acting as a teenager, Chita encourages her to peek through doors with opportunities. 

Lisa pursued TV and Broadway, starring in shows like Viva Valdez and Doc. She received a Tony Award nomination in 1982 for her role in Marlowe.

Her parents separated in 1966 when Lisa was eight years old.

Parents of Lisa Mordente.
Parents of Lisa Mordente. Source: Pinterest

Death Of Her Beloved Mom

Her mom, Chita, was a beloved Broadway star. She passed away at the age of 91

She had a remarkable career of nearly seven decades known for her iconic roles like Anita in West Side Story and Velma in Chicago.

Chita was born in 1933. She started her Broadway journey in the 1950s and became a trendsetter for Latina women in the industry. 

She won two Tony Awards and was the first Latina to receive the Kennedy Center Honors in 2002

Chita’s talent and contributions earned her the Presidential Medal of Freedom 2009.

Chita’s daughter, Lisa, announced that she peacefully passed away in New York from a short illness. 

She was celebrated for her extraordinary stage presence, achievements, and impact on Broadway.

Lisa Mordente and her mom.
Lisa Mordente and her mom. Source: Pinterest


Lisa was born in 1958. She is 66 years old as of 2024.

Net Worth

As an American actress and singer, Lisa's late mother Chita's net worth is about $2 million.

Chita Reflects On Some Of Broadway’s Iconic Roles

Chita, who won Three Tony Awards, talked about her fantastic career. 

She grew up in the exciting time of Broadway’s Golden Age. She had supportive friends like Terence McNally, Fred Ebb, John Kander, and Stephen Sondheim

Despite facing challenges and doubters, including criticism of her abilities, she worked hard and got guidance from experts in the industry. 

Eventually, she became a legend in the theatre world. Her journey began with her love for dancing as a child when her mother signed her up for ballet classes. 

Chita talked about significant people, like her mom and teacher, Miss Jones, who influenced and shaped her.

Growing up as a single mom’s child in a big family, she believed it prepared her for the challenges of theatre life, teaching her independence. 

Her siblings helped her become more confident. The hosts praised her incredible career.

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