Who Is Lisa Oz? Wife Of Mehmet Oz

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Who Is Lisa Oz? Wife Of Mehmet Oz

Lisa Oz is the wife of a Turkish-American TV personality, cardiothoracic surgeon, University professor, and author Mehmet Oz

Lisa herself is a TV personality and author. She has four children with her husband. She has been New York Times Best Seller six times yet.

She is the daughter of Gerald Lemole and Emily Jane Lemole. She is an American citizen. 

Marriage And Children

Lisa is currently married to Mehmet, a well-known surgeon, and TV personality

The couple happily tied the knot back in 1985. They have four children together. 

Lisa is a very supportive wife. They have been married for more than three decades. 

How Did She Meet Her Husband?

Lisa and her now-husband, Mehmet were introduced by their parents. 

Their parents were a friend and had known each other for many years. 

Their parents wanted them to get married, and for that, Lisa and Mehmet went on a date, set up by their parents. Their marriage was an arranged marriage.

After that started liking each other and eventually started dating. 

Lisa Oz and her husband, Mehmet Oz
Lisa Oz and her husband, Mehmet Oz Source: Instagram 

More About Lisa 

Lisa is an American author and TV personality born on July 20, 1963, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

She is well known for her appearance in The Dr. Oz Show as a co-host. 

Lisa came to the spotlight after she married to Dr. Mehmet

She is very supportive of her husband, and she was the one who gave the idea to her husband for starting his show. 

Besides being a television personality, she is also an author who has written many books. 

She is a multitalented woman. 

Lisa Oz with her son
Lisa Oz with her son  Source: Instagram 


Lisa is 58 years old. 

Net Worth

The net worth of Lisa is $1 Million. Her source of income comes as being an author and tv personality. 

The average income of the author is $49,046 per year. 

Annoyed By Her Husband's Sleeping Habit

Lisa and her husband Mehmet have gained popularity by their appearance in Dr. Oz's show

Because of that, many people have shown interest in their personal life. 

Lisa has revealed that her spouse is a sleeper and that habit of his is annoying. 

She opened up that her spouse needs no time to fall asleep. 

As soon as he lays in bed, he falls asleep and doesn't wake up until the alarm rings or their cat disturbs him. 

She gets pissed off with his that habit. 

Mehmet said it happens because he believes that nothing wrong goes on.

Mehmet Had To Go Through A Legal Matter

Mehmet, well-known for his show "The Doctor Oz Show," frequently talks about health-related and product-related things. 

Since he has a great audience, he can influence many people from his show. 

He put out the allegation on the show telling that 80% of the virgin oil available in the supermarket is fake. 

But The North American Olive Oil Association (NAOOA) said that it was a fake allegation made by the doctor. 

The association stated that the doctor should not talk without evidence and research. 

The association then cased a file against the doctor for his fake accusation that degraded the name of their product. 

The case didn't run too long and was dismissed shortly.

Mehmet Talked Against Apple Juice But Let His Children Drink It

Many people, especially kids, consume apple juice daily, and Mehmet said that it was not healthy. 

He revealed that the juice contains a huge amount of Arsenic which was bad for human health. 

But FDA also tested the same apple juice for many years. And they denied his accusation. 

The FDA revealed that the doctor didn't research quite well and claimed false allegations. 

FDA revealed that juice contains 1 in a billion percent of Arsenic, and it was organic. 

It is not harmful in any way. OZ later said that his children also drink the juice and he also allows them to drink.

He is concerned about some populations that can have problems with arsenic consumption.

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