Who Is Liz Cattermole? Tragedy Of Paul Cattermole's Mother

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Liz Cattermole is the mother of singer Paul Cattermole. Her son was known for being a member of the pop group S Club 7

Paul passed away at the age of 46 in 2023. She was married to Gerald Cattermole

They share four kids, Trenna, Martin, Colin, and the late Paul. Her husband was sentenced to almost three years in prison for s*x offenses against underage girls. 

Marriage And Children

Paul doesn’t have a wife as he never got married. However, he was in a relationship with Hannah Spearritt, his former S Club 7 bandmate

They have known each other since 1994. Paul was 17, and Hannah was 14 when they met for the first time. 

In 1999 they were selected as a band member of S Club 7

They were friends for a long time, and soon their friendship turned into romance, and they made their relationship official in 2001

They dated for six years and broke up in 2006, but they again got back together in 2015 and dated for a short period of time.

Liz Cattermole's son late Paul Cattermole.
Liz Cattermole's son late Paul Cattermole. Source: Instagram


Her son Paul was 46 years old at the time of his death. 

Net Worth

Her son Paul's net worth was estimated to be $1.5 million.

Death Of Beloved Son

Her beloved son Paul died on 6th April 2023 at his home in Dorset. He passed away of natural cause.

It was such a tragedy for his family and especially for Liz.

Paul Opened Up About His Financial Woes

In 2018 Paul opened up about his bankruptcy. He even thought of selling his BRIT awards to pay his bills. 

He was surviving on packet noodles. He even said that he didn’t have money to buy good clothes to give interviews. 

He shared that a year before, something happened in his life he couldn’t discuss openly. 

He said he had an injury, and things got terrible afterward. He said that he went bankrupt when he was doing his S Club tour in 2015

He had to return all his money, there were tax problems, and lawyer fees were very high. 

He gave all the money from the tour to pay off his bills. He said his mother helped him when he was broke. 

He shared that his mother helped him sell his disc that was in his storage. 

Paul's First Love Hannah Broke Her Silence After His Death

Paul's ex-girlfriend got emotional while remembering Paul.

She described him as charismatic, confident, and funny. 

She said that when they got selected for the S Club band, they got along with each other and had an instant connection. 

They rented a flat near to each other. She said they were friends when they were living together. 

Later they started spending more time with each other and sneaked into each other apartment. 

She shared they were working, and their schedule was hectic, but they somehow managed to take time for each other to snuggle. She said they were young and living their best life. 

She added from the beginning to the end of their journey in the band, they never had a problem with each other. 

Paul Said That Selling BRIT Award Was Not A PR Thing

Paul faced a lot of challenges after he left the band. 

He had a fantastic showbiz career, but behind the scenes, he was going through many challenges to the point that he put his BRIT award for sale on eBay, saying that bills needed to be paid. 

He said he never imagined that he would get to the point where he had to sell his award. However, he said he regret things that happened in his life. 

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