Who Is Liza Marshall? Wife Of Mark Strong

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Who Is Liza Marshall? Wife Of Mark Strong

Liza Marshall is the wife of British actor Mark Strong. Liza is a film producer by her profession. 

She is well known for the movie Welcome to The Punch. She has two children with her husband, Mark. She is a British.

Liza Marshall's husband Mark Strong
Liza Marshall's husband Mark Strong Source: Instagram 

Marriage And Children

Mark is currently married to Liza who is a producerThe couple has two children together, Gabriel Strong and Roman Strong

The couple has been married to each other for many years. They are happily living with their children in the Queen's Park area of London.

They hadn't opened up when they exactly tied the knot, but they were very happy in their married life. 

How Did He Meet His Wife?

Mark is a well-known celebrity and has always been open about his life. 

However, he has never opened up about how he met his wife and how it all started between them. 

It seems like he isn't comfortable revealing his past things.

Liza Marshall with his husband Mark Strong
Liza Marshall with his husband Mark Strong  Source: Instagram

About Husband

Mark is a British actor born on 5 August 1963

His birth name is Macro Giuseppe Salussolia.

He was born and raised by his parents in London, England. Mark is a well-known name in the entertainment industry. 

He is well known for his role in the movie Stardust as Prince Septimus. He has shown his appearance in many films and TV shows. 

Some of the popular movies played by his are Kick-Ass, Zero Dark Thirty, and Cruella.


Mark is 58 years old.

Net worth 

The net worth of Mark is $9 Million. His source of income comes as being an actor

Not Always A Producer

Liza was always interested in films but did not know about it. So she started as a script reader. 

She was reading scripts in many movies and doing freelancing. She learned so much from the job, and later she began to edit the script. 

She worked as a script editor, but she did not want to do it. She wanted to produce movies, and she was dedicated to that job. 

But she was new to the whole thing, and no one would let her produce without any experience. 

She did script editing for a long time. She was doing a project, The Sins

The project was doing poorly and was shifting into a lot of producers. 

The director was a pretty frank and supportive person; hence he gave her a chance to produce the project. 

And it all started after that.

Was Mark Responsible For His Co-Star's Injury?

Mark and his co-star George Clooney worked in the movie named Syriana in 2005.

It was a thrilling movie with a lot of action scenes. George Clooney was tied up in a chair in one of the scenes. 

He was being beaten up by Mark, as per the script, when the accident happened. 

Mark shot George, and he acted as he fell behind the back sitting on the chair. 

While doing so, he was severely hurt in his back, and he had to spend a lot of time in hospital to recover. 

After a year of the incident, they met each other. 

Mark thought he was responsible for the accident, but George said it was not his fault but was an accident.

Mark Doesn't Want To Stay Ideal

Mark has been seen in many movies, and he appears in many projects every year. 

He never seems to stay ideal and is always working. He always plays a villain role in the film, and people love seeing him in that avatar. 

Unlike any other actor, he likes playing protagonist characters because of their psychology and mindset. 

In addition, he quickly gets a script for the role of the protagonist character. 

He was raised in such a way that he needed to work continuously. 

His father left him, and he had to take care of him and his mother. 

Hence he worked in any job he could get. Still, now, he keeps on working on various projects he gets and has never taken a break.

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