Who Is Lizzy Yu? Girlfriend Of Gaten Matarazzo

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Who Is Lizzy Yu? Girlfriend Of Gaten Matarazzo

Lizzy Yu is a famous Instagrammer, social media personality and a theatre performer. She is American by nationality.

Lizzy Yu with her mother
Lizzy Yu with her mother Source: Instagram

Does Lizzy Have A Boyfriend?

Lizzy got into the limelight after she started dating Netflix's original ''Stranger Things'' star, Gaten Matarazzo.

They have been dating since 2018. They celebrated their third anniversary in 2021. Gaten took an Instagram to wish her. 

He called her his sunshine. He posted cute pictures of Yu and him. 

Lizzy also posted a picture of Gaten, called him her boyfriend and favorite person, and thanked him for their years together. 

They show their love and affection for one another publicly as they keep featuring each other on their respective Instagram.

Lizzy Yu with her boyfriend, Gaten Matarazzo
Lizzy Yu with her boyfriend, Gaten Matarazzo Source: Instagram

Was There A Rumor Of Lizzy Joining Stranger Things?

In 2018, there was news that Lizzy would be featured in Stranger Things next season. 

Millie's Instagram story caught public attention when she posted a video of herself riding a car with her co-star Gaten and Lizzy

In that video, Millie zoomed in on Lizzy, said Welcome To The Family, and screamed in excitement. 

She even tagged her and quoted, ' I approve.' This video stirred up a bunch of rumors. 

Lizzy seemed shocked and was giggling, while Gaten had a big smile on his face. 

Fans began speculating that Lizzy might play the love interest of Gaten in season three. 

But it just turned out to be a rumor, and she did not appear in the Stranger Things season 3.


Lizzy is 19 years old as she was born on 5 October 2002. She has a height of 5 feet 3 inches. She weighs around 48 kg.

Net Worth

Her net worth is estimated to be $ 500k to $1 million

Lizzy Yu in her red outfit
Lizzy Yu in her red outfit Source: Instagram

Gaten Shared His Experiences In Life 

Gaten has been bullied in his past, and his teeth situation has prevented him from getting many roles in the past. 

He revealed that his height and teeth were the biggest reasons he was not getting roles in an interview. 

It affected him a lot during his auditioning days. 

He would go three times a week for auditions and got rejected every time. 

There was a constant no from every side. 

But he had people in his life who motivated him to stay patient, and his hard work and dedication paid off. 

He has very supportive parents, and he is very grateful for that.

Gaten Was Born With Cleidocranial Dysplasia

Gaten was born with a genetic condition that affects almost every part of the body. 

Normal people's baby teeth fall out, and adult teeth come in. But in his case, it does not work like that. 

The body does know that the baby teeth fall out, and adult teeth come in. So the baby's teeth keep on growing. 

So the baby's teeth must be extracted by a dentist. Gaten has also removed his baby teeth from the dentist. 

His doctor told him that other teeth would come to fill the gap, but it did not happen. 

So the dentist supplies a chain in that gap so that it will pull down his teeth manually. 

He had gone through three surgeries and four extractions. 

He said he had to go through more surgeries and extraction in the upcoming days. 

Gaten is raising awareness about this rare condition. 

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