Lola Fleur Shelvey

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Lola Fleur Shelvey

Lola Fleur Shelvey is the daughter of an English professional footballer, Jonjo Shelvey

Her mother name is Daisy Evans who is an actress. She belongs to British nationality.

Lola Fleur Shelvey parents, Jonjo Shelvey and Daisy Evans
Lola Fleur Shelvey parents, Jonjo Shelvey and Daisy Evans  Source: Pinterest

Parents Relationship

Jonjo is in a relationship with Daisy Evans. They couple started dating in 2010

After dating each other for five years, the couple tied the knot in the year 2015

They have a daughter together born in 2014. Jonjo's wife has been supportive of him. 

Jonjo is quite private about his love life, so he hasn't revealed much about it.

Lola Fleur Shelvey with her parents
Lola Fleur Shelvey with her parents  Source: Pinterest

About Jonjo Shelvey  

Jonjo is an English professional footballer born on 27 February 1992

He was born to Ricky Shelvey and Donna Shelvey and was raised by them in Romford, England. 

Jonjo is well known as the player of club Newcastle United

He plays in the position of midfielder for that club. He started his football career at Charlton Athletic

After that, he joined Liverpool and played for that team for certain times. He joined the club Newcastle United in 2016

He signed five and half-year contract with Newcastle United. He is one of the talented player. In 2012 he won the first cap for the senior team.

Jonjo Shelvey during his match 
Jonjo Shelvey during his match  Source: Instagram 


Lola was born in 2014 and is currently 7 years old.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Jonjo is $18 Million. He accumulated his wealth from football, sponsorships, commercial ads and other.

Lola Fleur Shelvey's Father Got Injured Before Matches

Lola Fleur's father, Jonjo, is a brilliant professional football player. 

Playing for the club Newcastle as a midfielder, he has quite made a name for himself. 

He had a great season in the past year, but in 2021, he seemed to be missing matches. 

He made an impact in every match in the previous season, but he has not shown his regularity in this season because of his injury. 

He was working hard in his off-season days to come up in the best form, but he got himself injured during the process. 

Jonjo Shelvey's Hair Loss Problem

Jonjo is seen bald, and people have never seen him with hair. His hair doesn't grow. In his childhood, he suffered from alopecia. This caused loss of his hair. 

He fell off the stairs in his childhood, and he thinks that incident caused him to suffer from that disease. 

He was given a cream and said to sleep in woolen clothes, but it was uncomfortable for him, so he didn't apply those. 

Hence his hair didn't grew back. He is fine with it, but he doesn't like people talking about it. 

He doesn't like to talk to people who have problems with his hair growth or how he looks. 

Jonjo Easily Loses Temper

Jonjo is often seen angry if things don't turn out his way. He has many yellow cards and some red cards. 

Also, when he is benched, he is too much angry, and he doesn't calm down easily.

Coach often tells him to think wisely and not get angry. 

But he goes out of control when he loses his temper. As a player, it is too bad for him and his team.

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