Who Is Loraine Smith? Mother Of Ne-Yo

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Who Is Loraine Smith? Mother Of Ne-Yo

Loraine Smith is the mother of American writer, producer, dancer, Tv judge, and songwriter Shaffer Chimera Smother, known as Ne-Yo. 

She is of African-American descent. She was married to Chinese descent man. Her ex-husband's identity is unknown. 

She divorced him and moved to Las Vegas with her kids.

Loraine Smith with her son, Ne-Yo.
Loraine Smith with her son, Ne-Yo. Source: Instagram

Did Ne-Yo Cheat On His Ex-Wife?

Ne Yo was married to Crystal Renay in 2016. After being married for six years, Crystal filed for divorce

The two shares three kids together. She accused him of having affairs with many women while he was married to her. 

The two met each other while shooting for a music video. They dated for two years and got married. 

His ex-wife accused that he was continuously unfaithful throughout their relationship. 

The two gave their marriage a second chance and reconciled later, but it had to end. 

Crystal said their relationship was based on lies and deception and filed for a divorce.

Loraine Smith's son, Ne-Yo.
Loraine Smith's son, Ne-Yo. Source: Instagram


Her son Ne-Yo is 43 years old

Net Worth

Her son's net worth is estimated to be $9 million

Ne-Yo Hung Up On Michael Jackson

In an interview, Ne-Yo shared that he met Michael Jackson eight months before he passed away. 

He said that he got a call on his phone number from an unknown number. 

He was in his car going for his rehearsal as he was preparing for his tour. 

He said he usually doesn't answer unknown calls, but he replied that one. 

He picked up a call and asked who it was, and the reply from the other side caught him off guard. The man replied Michael

He thought someone was trying to prank him, so again asked Michael who, and the man replied Michael Jackson

He was sure someone was messing with him, so he hung up his phone. 

After a few minutes, his assistant called and said that Michael Jackson would call to discuss some music projects. 

He was shocked to hear that and said he hung up on Michael Jackson, thinking it was a prank call. 

He said Michael called him again. He made that he was under a bridge and had no network. 

Michael wanted to work with him and wanted to produce music with him. 

Ne-Yo was out of his mind as he got to work with Michael Jackson. 

Talked About Meeting Michael Jackson For The First Time

Ne Yo met Michael Jackson at Lyor Cohen's house. He was in his study room, and Michael walked into the room. 

He remembered every detail of that day. He said Michael was wearing a black suit with gloves on his hands and aviator glass on his face.

He said that he was a very tall man. He felt like he was ten feet tall. 

When Michael first met him, he immediately said about his favorite song. 

He was utterly taken aback as he was shocked that Michael also listened to his songs and loved them. 

To his surprise, he began singing his song too. He said he felt like a 12-year-old kid at that time. 

He said deep inside; he was screaming and dancing. But he was calm and composed from the outside as he had to behave in front of Michael.

They talked for about four hours about music and the kind of music they wanted to produce. 

He said Michael gave his number to him, and he was on talk with him for two weeks straight, sending him records, and Michael used to give feedback to him. 

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