Who Is Lorelei Frygier? Mother Of Kristen Bell

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Who Is Lorelei Frygier? Mother Of Kristen Bell

Lorelei Frygier is the mother of actress Kristen Bell. She is a registered nurse by profession. She is of Polish descent.

She was married to Tom Bell, who is from German. The two got separated when their daughter Kristen was just two years old. 

She remarried again. Her current husband is John Raymond Avedian.

Lorelei Frygier's daughter and ex-husband, Tom Bell. Source: Pinterest

About Daughter's Marriage

Kristin is happily married to Dax Shepard. They met for the first time at a sushi restaurant while attending their mutual friend's birthday party. 

They didn’t interact much at their first meeting, but they met again after two weeks, and at that time, they took an interest in each other. 

Dax got her number through her friend and texted her. After that, they started dating and tied the knot in 2013. 

They are blessed with two daughters, Lincoln and Delta. They have been married for a decade now.

Family of Kristen Bell.
Family of Kristen Bell. Source: Instagram

Kristin Discusses Her Husband's Addiction With Her Daughters

In an interview, Kristin talked about her parenting style. 

She said she talked about drugs, s*x, and addiction with her daughters. 

She said that nothing should be taboo. Her children wanted to know how they got here, so they talked about it. 

When her children knew, they left the room, but she said it was completely fine as the things that are hard to discuss should be priorities first. 

She shared she has also talked about their father's addiction and how he has been recovering. 

She mentioned that there shouldn't be any topic that they should be hesitant to talk about. 

She shared she wants to be accurate and honest with her daughters. Apart from that, she also teaches her daughters other life skills. 


Her daughter Kristen is 42 years old. 

Net Worth

Her daughter Kristen's net worth is estimated to be $40 million

Lorelei Frygier with her daughter, Kristen Bell.
Lorelei Frygier with her daughter, Kristen Bell. Source: Pinterest

Did Dax Dump Kristen?

Kristen revealed that when they were at the beginning of their romance she scared him off a little bit. 

She said she wanted to spend every time with him, and Dax had just gotten out of a serious relationship, so he was not ready to invest himself completely in a relationship. 

He wanted a little freedom and space. She said he didn’t like the things that she presented to him. 

So one day, he sat her down and said that maybe there were not looking for the same thing. 

She said she was already in love with him as she had been with him for more than a month. 

She revealed she was heartbroken after hearing all the things he said to her. 

He shared that he was still casually dating some other people.

He further added that he felt she deserved better than him. She said that even though he broke her heart but she was responsible. 

Four days later, he texted her, said he couldn’t do without her, and wanted her back in his life. They got back together. 

Kristen Talked About Her Journey With Depression And Anxiety

Kristen said it is hard to describe her battle with depression and anxiety in words. 

She added when anxiety hits her, she can't make decisions and lacks the brain power to figure out things. 

She further added that when she is in a healthy state of mind, she gets excited and happy with small things. 

But when she is depressed, even the most significant things can’t make her happy. She said she feels disconnected from things. 

She said her depression restricts her from recognizing her feelings. 

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