Lori Elizabeth Sink

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Lori Elizabeth Sink

Lori Elizabeth Sink is the mother of American actress Sadie Sink. Lori is married to Casey Adam Sink, who is a Rugby coach

Lori herself is a Teacher by profession. She teaches mathematics to the student. 

Lori has five children with Casey, three sons and two daughters; they are Caleb Sink, Mitchell Sink, Spencer Sink, Jacey Sink, and Sadie Sink. She is American by her nationality.

Relationship Status Of Sadie Sink

As of 2021, Sadie is currently single. Moreover, she likes to keep her love life private. 

Her previous dating history is still under review

But in the past, it was rumored that she had a relationship with her co-actor Noah Schnapp. 

They both have posted many photos with each other, which made their fans assume that as if they were in a relationship. 

They never opened up anything about their private life. 

Noah and Sadie disagreed with the rumor, saying they were only good friends.

After that relationship between Caleb McLaughlin and Sadie popped up, as Caleb and Sadie were an onscreen couple, people doubted that they might be dating in real life too. 

They never opened about them dating in real life. They also shared a kiss in that series which made people think they were dating. 

Hence their relationship rumor disappeared after they both said they were only an onscreen couple and good friends and nothing more about it. 

About Sadie Sink 

Sadie's full name is Sadie Elizabeth Sink, an American actress who was born on 16 April 2002. She is the daughter of Lori and Casey Adam sink.

Her parents raised Sadie with her three older brothers and a younger sister. 

Her mother was the reason behind Sadie's acting career, as she is the one who sent her to the acting classes. 

After that, she also worked in many movies released on Netflix. She has been casted as one of the lead in the movie Dear Zoe

She is currently focusing on her new movie Dear Zoe

She was also nominated in many awards function for her performance in Stranger Things and won an award for her documentary movie.  

Sadie with her cat
Sadie with her cat  Source: Instagram 

Was Sadie Forced To Kiss His Onscreen Boyfriend?

Sadie and her onscreen boyfriend Caleb McLaughlin were performing the last episode of the season of "Strangers Things." 

Sink and his costar Caleb was all ready to shoot. They were ready with their script.  

But suddenly, the director brought an unscripted change during the shoot. 

They were asked to kiss each other, which created a very awkward situation. 

As Sadie and Caleb has never kissed anyone in both real and reel life, they were too nervous for their first kiss

They were good friends and very comfortable with each other, and they didn't mind kissing each other, so they kissed and completed the scene. 

Their sudden kissing scene brought up a controversy, saying that the director forced young teens to kiss each other and blamed them for sexual assault. 

People also blamed the director that he shouldn't have forced them to the intimate scene. 

But later, it was clear that no one forced them. They kissed each other with their wish.  


Sadie is 19 years old.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Sadie is $1Million. Her source of income is acting.  

Her earning in Stanger Things was estimated to be $200-$250k per episode. 

Sadie compares Her Real And Reel Life

Sadie played the role of Max Mayfield's infamous series named Stranger Things

Sink opened about her experience when she was completely new to her role. 

As she spent more time playing her character as Max, she found herself at the stage where she knew that her reel and real-life were the same. 

She felt that she was living her real life in the reel life. Her character has so many things that she has in her real life.  

She talked about her friends in reel and real life, which was too similar. 

As Sink has loyal and good friends in her reel life, she also has the same type of friends in her real life too. 

After finding out herself in character, she became more confident than before. 

She started to live her character instead of playing, making her performance look brilliant in that series. 

She was very proud of herself that she had chosen an acting career.

Lori Elizabeth Sink with her daughters
Lori Elizabeth Sink with her daughters  Source: Instagram 

Sadie Decided To Be Vegan

Sadie was not always a vegan. She used to eat meats and animal products as well until 2017

In 2017, Sadie was playing a movie named "The Glass Castel." She was working beside Woody Harrelson himself. 

Woody is a vegan, which inspired Sadie to be a vegan. She said that she didn't become vegan to maintain her health. 

Rather she became vegan because she cared about the animals, their suffering, and for mother nature itself. She wanted to be a part of saving the environment. 

Being vegan makes people calm and healthy, and she said that it was something additional she got after being a vegan.

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