Who Is Lorilee Colletti? Mother Of Stephen Colletti

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Who Is Lorilee Colletti? Mother Of Stephen Colletti

Lorilee Colletti is the mother of American actor and television personality Stephen Colletti. 

Her husband's name is Bruce Colletti. She has three children, Lauren, John, and Stephen, with her husband, Bruce

She is an American citizen

Lorilee Colletti's husband Bruce Colletti and son Stephen Colletti
Lorilee Colletti's husband, Bruce Colletti, and son, Stephen Colletti  Source: Instagram

Son's Relationship Status

Stephen is not married yet. 

However, back in the 2000s, he started dating Kristin Cavallari.

They were in high school when they started dating. 

They dated for some time, and after that, they ended their relationship. 

As of 2022, there were rumors of them getting back as their pictures together were seen on social media, but Stephen denied saying they are only good friends. 

Lorilee Colletti's son Stephen Colletti
Lorilee Colletti's son Stephen Colletti  Source: Instagram


Her son Stephen is 36 years old

Net Worth 

The net worth Stephen is $1 Million. His source of income comes as being an actor and television personality. 

Lorilee Colletti's three children Lauren, John, and Stephen
Lorilee Colletti's three children Lauren, John, and Stephen Source: Instagram

Ex Called Stephen "Best Kisser"

Stephen was previously dating Kristin Cavallari back in the 2000s

They broke up after some time, but his ex Kristin has been talking about Stephen a lot on her social media, and she also opened up that Stephen is the best kisser in one of her live videos. 

After hearing that from Kristin, people started telling her that they wanted to see Stephen and Kristen back together again. 

She also posted some photos of them together on social media. 

On the other hand, Stephen felt weird and uncomfortable after seeing his ex posting their old photos and talking about him. 

He also opened up that he started getting many text messages from strangers. 

That moment made him uneasy, but he thought that it was nice of Kristin

He also said that he is now a good friend with his ex Kristin. 

Happy For Not Having Social Media

Stephen gave an interview on a talk show with his co-star, his close friend. 

In that interview, they talked about their show One Tree Hill, and Stephen also revealed that he was glad that they didn't have social media during his college days. 

He said that while he was in high school, Facebook was just introduced, and he was happy that they had no social media as nowadays as social media is eating a lot of time. 

His show was very popular at that time, and everyone who starred in One Tree Hill gained a lot of popularity at that time. 

There were no social media, but still, they managed to get at the hype in the past days. 

Dinner Date With Ex-Girlfriend

Stephen dated Kristin for a long time. 

They were high school lovers, but suddenly they broke up, and Kristin married another man. 

After being married for some years, Stephen's ex-girlfriend got divorced from her husband. 

After that, Stephen was invited by Kristin for a dinner date. 

His ex also posted a picture of them in which Kristin was sitting on Stephen's lap.

They had their dinner date on Laguna Beach, the same place where everything was started between them in the past. 

As soon as Kristin posted that picture, the rumor of them patching up got viral, but they confirmed that they were not dating. 

Lorilee Colletti's children and grandchildren
Lorilee Colletti's children and grandchildren Source: Instagram

Doing The Same Show Again

Stephen had shown his appearance in the reality TV show named Laguna Beach.

He was very young while he did that reality Tv show and people enjoyed that show a lot at that time, and people are again demanding a remake of that show. 

Stephen also opened up that he enjoyed a lot doing that show. 

He thinks that the reality TV show Laguna Beach was unique. 

He recalled the time when he had to shoot for a long period of time for that show and talked about the remake of that show.

He thinks that the sparks that reality TV shows had previously won't be captured again. 

So he thinks that the show's remake won't be as same as it was before. 

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