Who Is Lotta Kristine Johanna Kjellberg? Mother Of PewDiePie

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Who Is Lotta Kristine Johanna Kjellberg? Mother Of PewDiePie

Lotta Kristine Johanna Kjellberg is the mother of YouTuber Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, known as Pewdiepie

She is a corporate executive officer by profession. She is the CIO and Vice President of a Swedish Clothing brand named KappAhl

She is married to Ulf Christan Kjellberg, the CEO and sales director of a Swedish software company. They are the parents of their two kids, Fanny and Felix

Lotta Kristine Johanna Kjellberg with her husband.
Lotta Kristine Johanna Kjellberg with her husband. Source: Instagram

Is Her Son PewDiePie Married?

PewDiePie is happily married to Marzia Kjellberg. Marzia came to know about his content through her friend. 

She was impressed with his work, so she messaged him on Facebook. They started seeing each other in 2011

He flew to Italy to meet her, and they started dating from then. 

He made his relationship official after he uploaded videos with her on his channel. In 2018, he proposed to her on a trip to Japan

A year later, in 2019, they tied the knot. 

In February, the couple announced they would become mother and father as they were expecting their first child. 

Pewdiepie with his wife.
Pewdiepie with his wife. Source: Instagram


Her son PewDiePie is 29 years old

Net Worth

Her son's net worth is estimated to be $40 million. He has managed to earn this fortune from his career as YouTuber

Children of Lotta Kristine Johanna Kjellberg.
Children of Lotta Kristine Johanna Kjellberg. Source: Instagram

PewDiePie Decides To Take A Break From YouTube

Felix is expecting his first baby with his wife, Marzia, this July

So he decided to take a break from his content creation for a while as he wanted to give all his time and energy to his wife and baby. 

He is stepping into fatherhood soon. He said it was strange but is excited to build a family with his wife. 

He resides in Japan as he moved to Japan from the UK last year. 

He broke this news through his Instagram, and it shocked his entire fans across the globe. 

PewDiePie Sold Hot Dogs Before He Became YouTuber

Felix dropped out of university, and his parents were unhappy about his decision. 

His parents told him they wouldn’t support him financially, and he needed to find a job to help himself independently. 

So he searched for a job, and he found one. He sold hot dogs next to his university. He met a lot of his university friends while selling hot dogs.

Reason Behind PewDiePie Playing and Reacting to Videos on His Channel

Felix is the first person who came up with the concept of playing and reacting to videos online in front of his subscribers. 

He said he started doing it not because he wanted them to watch him but to hang out with his fans. 

He said it was like playing games with his friends while sitting on a couch. 

PewDiePie Talked About Moving To Japan

PewDiePie moved to Japan with his wife. He said that he has also been a massive anime fan, but he was not obsessed with Japan

He went to Japan with his wife back in 2018. They were not married back then. 

They visited Japan yearly and stayed there for at least a month. He realized that he could see him living in the country. 

He fell in love with the country. He wanted to move to Japan after he got married in 2019, but covid happened, and it got delayed. 

He mentioned he was furious that he had to wait so long to go to Japan. He said it was a lot of paperwork to do. 

He added it was tough for him to fly his dog to Japan

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