Who Is Lou Sulola Samuel? Daughter Of Seal

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Who Is Lou Sulola Samuel? Daughter Of Seal

Lou Sulola Samuel is the daughter of famous British singer, songwriter, record producer and musician Seal. 

Her mother is Heidi Klum, a model, businessman and television personality. Lou is the youngest among four siblings. 

She has a sister and two brothers. She is a British citizen.

Lou Sulola Samuel's father Seal.
Lou Sulola Samuel's father Seal. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Lou's Father 

Seal is currently in a relationship with his girlfriend, Laura Strayer. 

They started dating in 2021. Laura was his former personal assistant.

He was married to Klum in the past, and after their separation, Klum dated her bodyguard.

He made a strong comment stating that it was downgraded as she dated her employee, and now, he is dating one himself.

Although he is not currently married, he has been married eight times in his past years. 

He had been married to Heidi Klum for nine years. 

They tried to work on their relationship as much as they could from 2005, which was when they first got married. 

But Klum revealed that they couldn't continue their married life together. 

Hence even after giving birth to three babies together, they broke up in 2012 and officially divorced in 2014.

Lou Sulola Samuel's mother Heidi Klum.
Lou Sulola Samuel's mother, Heidi Klum. Source: Instagram


Lou Sulola was born in 2009, and her current age is 12 years.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Seal is $40 Million. His source of income is a musician. 

Lou Sulola Samuel with her mother and siblings.
Lou Sulola Samuel with her mother and siblings. Source: Instagram

Has A Great Temper

It came out in the media that Seal, one of the top artists, has a very difficult anger issue and is not respectful to media personnel.

The media was full of fake news about his anger and attitude. 

But he finally revealed his side of the story in an interview with CNN

He revealed that he shouted at one of the reporters at Los Angeles airport. 

He did agree that he shouted too brutally at the reporter. But he also said that he doesn't disrespect reporters. 

That day he was with his family and son. One of the reporters hit his son's head with the camera lens. 

Being a concerned parent, his anger burst out after seeing his son in pain, so he shouted at the reporter.

On the other hand, reporters made it a huge issue to gain TPR, and the rumors about his anger developed from there.

Warned Stacey And Fox news

Seal posted a picture on his Instagram talking about the real black side of Hollywood where sexually harassed and raped women are stepped down, and their voices are slaughtered. 

But the picture mistakenly contained Oprah's presence as well.

The media and some people then started talking about Seal and Oprah's controversy and stuff. 

Stacey also agreed on it and called Seal Uncle Tom.

Fox news also kept on highlighting the news that he was targeting Oprah

But Seal revealed it was nothing like that. 

He just appreciated the women that came front in the me-too movement. 

He then told Stacey to shut her mouth and told Fox news to not post anything to gain attention.

Refuses To Talk About Her Ex-Wife

He was coming out of the airport when a bunch of reporters started covering him up. 

One of the reporters, when asked about the marriage of his ex-wife Heidi and her boyfriend. 

They were getting married soon, and the media asked Seal about his thoughts on the marriage. 

But he refused to talk about it, and in addition, he told reporters to talk about something different and interesting. 

The reporter tried his hard to make him talk about his ex-wife. 

But it seemed that he had no interest in Heidi's life and what was going on with her. 

Moreover, Seal found a question about his new camera more interesting than his ex-wife's marriage.

Got The Scars From Lupus

Seal's face has visible scars that seem to be from a bad fight or accident. 

Although he seems to be in a fight or accident, it is actually from lupus. 

He suffered from discoid lupus erythematosus in his early days, which affected his skin. 

It is the cause behind his big scars.

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