Louis Folds – Meet Handsome Son Of Ben Folds

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Louis Folds – Meet Handsome Son Of Ben Folds

Louis Folds is a singer mainly famous as the son of an American singer-songwriter and a former frontman and pianist of the rock band trio Ben Folds Five, Ben Folds.

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His mother is also a musical artist

Louis is the son of an Australian-born singer and songwriter, Frally Hynes, mainly recognized for her collaboration with Rain Phoenix in “Venus and the Moon.” 

She also collaborated on the Paris Hilton Documentary

Louis Folds mother Frally Hynes
Louis Folds mother Frally Hynes. Source: Facebook


He was born on the 22nd of July, 1999. He is currently 24 years old.

Net Worth 

His net worth is currently under review. His father has a net worth of $5million.

His parents are no longer together

His parents, Ben and Frally, first met in 1998

They married the following year in May in Adelaide, South Australia, where they later released a song about the city, giving the title ”Adelaide.” 

They resided there until their divorce in 2006Frally later claimed that Ben left her for a yoga instructor, who became his fourth wife. 

Louis Folds father Ben Folds
Louis Folds father Ben Folds. Source: Instagram

Before Frally, Ben was married and divorced twice. 

He married songwriter Anna Goodman, whom he met in first grade at Moore Elementary School in Winston-Salem

They were married from 1987 to 1992 but stayed on good terms after their split. Ben calls her his oldest friend and the one who inspired him to play music. 

After Anna, he was briefly married to Kate Rosen.

Ben, in an interview with Sydney Morning Herald, said his idea of being married is that it’s happy and one sticks with it, but it didn’t work out that way. 

He also said that he did pretty well in his music career, and his kids aren’t F***ed up, so he got two things right so far, so he is just going to concentrate on those two things. 

Similarly, in an interview with Billboard, he said he finds it offensive when he is being asked about him being married four times and divorced four times, explaining that they have no idea what went on with each of those relationships, what it meant to him, or not. 

According to him, he felt like it was viewed as some rock star womanizing thing, but it was a F***ing knockdown, drag-out, horrible time in his life. 

I was also ashamed of my decisions, he said. 

He has a twin sister 

Louis has a twin sister, Gracie Scott. They were born just two months after their parents’ marriage. 

They were born in Adelaide, South Australia. Gracie was born almost three hours after him. 

His father apologizes to him in the song “Still Fighting It” from his 2001 album Rocking the Suburbs

Ben, in an interview, said he always appreciated the lyrics as some of his trademark toss-away snark, but realized in sobriety that it’s much more than that and that he finds himself mentally apologizing for some of the personality traits at almost five years.

He also said at the time that he worries his children are going to end up like him: easily lost, scared, and born with that layer of skin that everyone else seems to have in the world. 

He also wrote a song “Gracie” for Gracie on his 2005 album Songs for Silverman and often performs two songs together live. 

His sister Gracie is a singer-songwriter. 

Both Louis and Gracie performed a cappella version of their father’s song “Effington” for the album University A Cappella.

Louis Folds with his twin sister Grace
Louis Folds with his twin sister Grace. Source: Facebook

He is currently single

Louis is not dating anyone as of now.

His father finalized his divorce with his fifth wife

His father has finalized his divorce from his fifth wife, Emma Sandall, a former Royal Ballet dancer whom he married in January 2017 in Hawaii

As per People, Ben filed for divorce from Emma in December 2023 and listed their date of separation as November 2023

Their divorce was finalized on February 27, 2024, with Ben ordered to pay Emma $475,000 for any interest she has in their Nashville home.

Louis Folds father Ben Folds was married to Emma Sandall for six years
Louis Folds father Ben Folds was married to Emma Sandall for six years. Source: YouTube
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