Louis Partridge Parents And Siblings

by Pragya Sat Mar 23 2024 Updated On Sat Mar 23 2024
Louis Partridge Parents And Siblings

Louis Partridge is a British actor. He is well known for his role in the Netflix movie Enola Holmes and Enola Holmes 2 as Lord Tewkesbury

Also, he is known for his portrayal in the series Pistol as Sid Vicious. He was born to his parents, Liz Partridge and James Partridge

He grew up with his two siblings, Issie Partridge and Millie Partridge, in London.

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Louis Partridge with his parents and siblings
Louis Partridge with his parents and siblings. Source: Facebook
Louis Partridge with his older sister Issie Partridge
Louis Partridge with his older sister Issie Partridge. Source: Instagram 
Louis Partridge with his younger sister Millie Partridge
Louis Partridge with his younger sister Millie Partridge. Source: Instagram

Who is Louis dating? 

There has been a rumor about him dating singer Olivia Rodrigo

The rumor circulated after both of them were seen kissing each other at the gas station in NYC

Although none of them have confirmed about their relationship. 

Prior to Olivia, Louis dated his co-star Sydney Chandler. They starred together in the series Pistol, and dated from 2021 to 2023

Age and Net Worth

Louis was born on June 3, 2003. He is 20 years old. He has a net worth of $2 Million. His source of income is acting. 

Louis was on the way to school when his movie got out. 

Louis gave an interview to Jimmy Kimmel’s late night show where he opened up that he was going to his school when his movie Enola Holmes came out. 

He was on his school days when he did that movie and was on the school bus with his friends. 

Netflix released that movie at 8 pm, and his bus also had a poster of his movie. 

It was a bit weird for him to see his own face on the bus, but he and his friends cheered together when Netflix released the movie.

Louis's parents left him alone? 

Louis was 16 years old when he started filming for the movie Enola Holmes

He started his career in acting very young, and his parents used to come to set when he was young. 

However, when he turned 16, his mother didn't have to go to the set with him. 

Also his parents had left him many times alone in the home. 

His parents went on a trip to Greece when he was doing the movie, and he had to stay alone for two weeks. 

He was quite upset because he didn’t know how to cook and got an egg on the ceiling while flipping it. 

Louis also revealed that in order to keep him grounded and disciplined, his parents still make him clean the leaves out of the gutter for some pocket money even though he is a movie star now. 

He also said he used to get paid 10 pounds an hour before for cleaning the gutter but now he has upped it a bit after being a movie star.

Louis Partridge with his parents Liz and James Partridge
Louis Partridge with his parents Liz and James Partridge. Source: Facebook

Louis's followers increased massively.

Louis started getting more recognized after the premier of Enola Holmes

He said that he had about 200,000 followers before the premiere, and after the movie premiere, it increased massively. 

He was on his game, period, so he bet with his friends to see how many followers he would gain. 

At the start, he had 200,000, but an hour and a half later, it went straight up to 600,000, which was totally surprising for him.

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