Who Is Louis Thomas Hardy? Son Of Tom Hardy

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Who Is Louis Thomas Hardy? Son Of Tom Hardy

Louis Thomas Hardy is the celebrity son of Tom Hardy. Tom Hardy is a famous English actor, writer, and producer.

Louis is Tom’s first child from his ex-partner, Rachael Speed.

Tom Hardy is best known for his roles in Peaky Blinders, Venom, The Dark Knight Rises, Bronson, and Mad Max

He was a model before debuting as an actor in Hollywood

Parents’ Relationship

Louis is the son of Tom and Rachael Speed. They first met in 2005 while shooting for the historical miniseries “The Virgin Queen.” 

Rachael is a casting director. She is well-known and liked for her work as a casting director, production runner, and casting assistant. 

The couple ended their love affair in 2009, ending their four-year relationship. 

Parents of Louis Thomas Hardy.
Parents of Louis Thomas Hardy. Source: Pinterest

Louis Is A Fan Of Comic Book Superheroes 

Louis is a great fan of comic books and superheroes.

At the Comic-Con of 2018, Tom said he looked up positions in Marvel movies to create a film his eldest son would enjoy. 

Louis loves his father’s role as Venom and is one of his biggest fans. 

Louis Thomas Hardy with his father, Tom Hardy.
Louis Thomas Hardy with his father, Tom Hardy. Source: Pinterest

Louis Spent Most Of His Time With His Mother

Because of Tom's busy schedule, Louis mostly lived with his biological mother in childhood, even after his parenbrokeeak. 

He was living in London. Because of that, Tom declined his offer to relocate to the United States

He did not want to be away from his child. He says that he feels very proud about being a father. 

Louis also lives with his father and stepmother often.


Louis was born on April 8, 2008. He is 14 years old as of 2023

Net Worth

Louis is born with a silver spoon. Louis’ father, Tom’s net worth is $55,000,000. 

Louis Changed His Dad's Life

Louis' birth changed Tom's life and career. Tom had a life of drug and alcohol abuse since he was a teen.

Tom then went to rehab in 2003 and has been sober ever since. After his first child’s birth, Hardy also learned that family is the biggest thing, so he left his bad habits and tried to fit in as a father figure.

Tom gave up his party life and fun to be there for his son and led himself to be a healthy being. 

Louis and Tom have had a close bond from the beginning. 

Relationship With His Stepmother

Louis’s stepmother, Riley, is an actress. Louis has a great relationship with his stepmom, Charlotte Riley.

She has adored Louis since she and Tom started dating. She once said she felt honored and happy to be Louis’ stepmother.

Louis has two stepsiblings from his stepmom, Charlotte. One is seven years old, and the other is four years old. 

Tom and Charlotte also had two dogs, Max and Woodstock, which they had rescued from a PETA advert to promote pet adoption. 

Louis Thomas Hardy's father and stepmom, Charlotte Riley.
Louis Thomas Hardy's father and stepmom, Charlotte Riley. Source: Instagram

Review For Tom's Venom

Tom played the role of Venom in one of the Marvel Universe movies. 

He wanted to do it for a long time because of his son's love for comic book superheroes and Marvel Cinematic Universe.  

Louis thought about the movie, seeing that his father could do much better. 

Even when shooting for the movie, Tom turned to him to suggest doing right and wrong with the character.

He still thought that some of the scenes could be done differently. Nevertheless, Tom was amused by his son’s review of his character at age ten. 

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