Louise Emmanuel

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Louise Emmanuel

Louise Emmanuel is the elder sister of British actress and model Nathalie Emmanuel.

She is an author, researcher and self-proclaimed child educator. Her mother name is Debbie Emmanuel.

She got married in 2019 and has a son with her husband. 

She was born in Southend-on-Sea, U.K. She is an English citizen by her nationality. 

Louise with her sister Natalia
Louise with her sister Natalia  Source: Instagram 

Relationship Status Of Nathalie Emmanuel 

Nathalie was in a relationship with Devon Anderson. They met each other for the first time on a show set. 

After working with each other for some time, they fell in love and started dating. They dated in the year 2010

They stayed as a couple for more than seven years, and after that, they ended their relationship.

Nathalie is currently rumored to be dating Alex Lanipekun, her co-star. 

As Nathalie never opened up about her love life in public, it's not sure whether they are dating or not. 

None of them have officially accepted their relationship. 

From 2018, Nathalie was spotted at many places with Alex, so many thought that the couple were having affairs.

Nathalie with Louise Emmanuel son
Nathalie with Louise Emmanuel son  Source: Instagram

About Nathalie Emmanuel 

Nathalie is an English actress and model born on 2 March 1989

She was born and raised in Southend-on-Sea in the U.K. with her sister. 

Nathalie showed her interest in acting and later pursued an acting career. 

She has shown her appearance in many series and movies. She is a very talented actress. 

Her movies are Maze Runner: The Death Cure, Fast and Furious and The Scorch Trials

She lastly appeared in the movie Army of Thieves.

Louise Emmanuel mother and sister
Louise Emmanuel mother and sister   Source: Instagram 

Nathalie believes “Americans are loud”

Nathalie appeared in “The Daily Show” which was hosted by Trevor Noah where Nathalie talked about her new movie “The Invitation”. She revealed that the new movie she is cast on is a thriller and horror movie that can scare off people easily. She plays the role of an American lady in the movie among the British people. Being an English originated actress, it was a challenge for her to appear as an American lady. She had to change in both behavior wise and ascent wise as she is the British lady. She then revealed that her British self, appeared every now and then while acting. She expressed that Americans are loud whereas British’s are soft. She didn’t mean in a humiliating way but she said it in the slip of tongue. She did covered her slip of tongue by stating that she loves the way American speaks but its was just that she was not used to speak in the way American speaks. She appeared in the show with a different set of hair style. She used to have a natural long hair but now she cut her hair. She used to inspire many ladies to be confident in the natural hair. She revealed that she had many complex thoughts about her hair as she could not flaunt in red carpet or do many things that she wanted to do with her hair. Also, she wanted to break the stereotype of people on the hair of women. She wanted to show that women can be beautiful in short hair too. It was also rumored that she cut her hair for a movie role. But she cleared it out saying that it was not for any kind of movie or projects. It was her personal choice that she always wanted to do.


Her sister is 32 years old. 

Net Worth 

The net worth of Nathalie is $5 Million. She earns from acting and modeling. 

The average income of an actress is $218,000 per year.

Louise's Sister Talks About The Lack Of Opportunities

Louise's sister Nathalie is a well-known actress. She has worked in the English industry as well as in Hollywood. She has always given her best when it comes to her part. 

She likes to talk truth, and she never gets scared about talking about it.

She shared some bad aspects of British industry in one of her interviews. 

Being a black woman, she knew why English movies have fewer black actors. It is due to a lack of opportunities for black people there. 

According to Nathalie, their industry is mainly focused on their native people. She also revealed that it was not the same in America

She experienced the value of talent regardless of any color. She found it nice in America.

Nathalie Emmanuel Was Not Confident For Fast And Furious

Nathalie was quite nervous and under-confident about doing Fast and Furious

She is used to working in big films, but there were big actors too whom she always saw as an ideal. 

She was so nervous about messing up in the movie and was not confident in herself. 

She even got the first scene with all the actors, which was not what she wanted to do. She was freaking out. 

Despite her fear, she did a great job and eventually coped up with every actor.

Nathalie Emmanuel Was Judged Wrong Due To Her Nudity Scene

Nathalie played the role of Missandei in Game of Thrones. She had a nude scenes in the series, which she did smoothly. 

She is not the kind of person to expose herself to that extent and would never do it again. 

But watching her, people thought she was comfortable doing such scenes. 

Many directors and producers called her for such kinds of roles. The filmmaker wrongly judged her. 

She denied all the offers made to her as she is not that kind of person. She is never going do nude scene again.

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