Who Is Lucia Loi? Finacee Of Marcus Rashford

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Who Is Lucia Loi? Finacee Of Marcus Rashford

Lucia Loi is a beautiful girl engaged to professional football player Marcus Rashford who is born to parents Robert Rashford and Melanie Rashford.

She was born on August 4, 1997, in England. She is mostly famous for being the girlfriend of Marcus Rashford. 

Lucia Loi's fiance, Marcus Rashford.
Lucia Loi's fiance, Marcus Rashford. Source: Instagram

Relationship Status

Lucia is currently in a relationship with Marcus. Both have been dating each other since 2013. 

Their relationship had big ups and downs. They had broken up with each other in May 2021 because of the pandemic situation created by Covid 19. 

They haven't married, but about engagement, they did it recently this year, 2022, on May 24.

Marcus had proposed to her for the engagement with a big surprise. Lucia accepted, and they had their engagement.

Lucia Loi with her fiance, Marcus Rashford.
Lucia Loi with her fiance, Marcus Rashford. Source: Instagram


The age of Lucia is 25 years old.

Net Worth

Lucia has not disclosed her net worth because of her privacy, but by profession, she works as a Public Relations Executive at a Manchester PR agency called Sugar

So she might have a good income.

But her husband Marcus's net worth is $23.4 million

He is a professional football player, so he has a good income.

Marcus Social Activities

Besides being a professional football player, Marcus is a social worker too. 

He has a great heart. Besides his professional career, he thinks about involving in social work

He is helping needy people.

In 2020 he provided 3 million meals for poor people. 

He said that no child would be hungry in England. He will take responsibility for their food. 

His social activities have taken him ahead with the support of many people.

Marcus Rashford House Activities 

Marcus loves to gather memories from where he began to now. 

He has a collection of every event he attended in his professional life. 

Marcus had made a trophy cabinet in his house. Basically, those cabinets used to contain everything he had achieved in his career. 

Among that, there were some caps that he personally loved because they had separate importance. 

Those caps were grabbed by him when he used to play in England since under 16.

They were personalized for each game he had played for the team. 

His first trophy in his whole career was the FA Cup trophy. He had played using the same boot in the final match.

While visiting the kitchen, we discovered that Marcus doesn't know how to cook. 

He had kept a chef for cooking. His fridge is full of beverages.

He has cheese in his fridge and this was for his girlfriend to make Italian cuisine.

He had a collection of gifts provided by his fans. He needs to sign on those appreciated words sent by the fans to him.

He had a separate gym or exercise room. He doesn't use it frequently because he does other training. 

Also, he had framed his three t-shirts, i.e., the match he played for the first, second and third time for Manchester United.

His mom's idea was to decorate the house so their home looked very beautiful.

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