Luciana Barroso

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Luciana Barroso

Luciana Barroso is the wife of famous American actor, producer and screenwriter, Matt Damon. Her full name is Luciana Bozan Barroso.

She has four daughters. Her oldest daughter was from her ex-husband, and her three daughters were from Matt

She is a citizen of Argentina

Relationship Status Of Matt Damon

Matt’s first public relationship was with Skylar Satenstein. They were both in the same university and hence they dated each other. 

Their relationship lasted for four straight years. 

After that, Matt stayed in a private relationship with Claire Danes, due to which their love history is unknown. 

After their breakup, Matt stayed with Minnie Driver for a few months.

Luciana Barroso with her husband Matt Damon
Luciana Barroso with her husband Matt Damon  Source: Instagram

Matt then met Luciana in 2003. Matt was out for a shooting when he saw Luciana working in a restaurant as a bartender

Luciana had a daughter with her ex-husband Alexia. They dated for a couple of years and finally got married. Matt officially adopted Luciana’s daughter and became her legal father. 

Matt and Luciana, after a year of marriage, gave birth to their first daughter Isabella. 

They also gave birth to two daughters later named Gia and Stella

Matt is connected to his wife and all four daughters; hence he even tattooed their name on his hand.

Luciana Barroso with her daughters
Luciana Barroso with her daughters  Source: Pinterest

About Matt Damon

Matt, whose full name is Matthew Paige Demon, was born on 8 October 1970 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, America

He was born to Kent Damon and Nancy Carlson-Paige, among which Nancy raised him with his brother as his parents got divorced when he was two

He started his career as a theater actor and debuted at eighteen. His hard work led him to where he is now. 

Rainmaker, We Bought a Zoo are some of his most appreciated movies. 

He was married to Luciana in 2005 and had for daughter with her, including her elder daughter Alexia whom he adopted. 


Luciana was born in 1976 in Argentina. Her current age is 45 years old. 

She has a height of five feet and six inches, and her weight is 62 kg.

Net Worth

The net worth of Matt is $170 Million. His source of income is acting. 

They yearly income of American actors is estimated to be $52,000.

Rough Sex Made Matt Injured

Matt was doing a movie when his costar was a famous actress Julianne Moore

They were an on-screen married couple in the movie. The movie script had a rough sex scene that they had to perform. 

Both of them showed no hesitation towards the scene. To make the scene appear more real, the director decided to place a tennis bat. 

While Matt and Moore were doing the scene, they didn’t realize and did the scene well. 

The tennis bat had left its mark in Matt’s butt as if he was hit by it. The racket in his butt hurt him.

Matt Damon Wore Arm Sling on Golden Globes 

A few weeks before attending the Golden Globes, Matt went mountain biking in hills

During mountain biking, he suffered an accident. He didn’t notice a rock hiding behind the grasses. 

His bike struck on the rock and lost control. He then fell off his mountain bike and collapsed to the rock, which fractured his collar. 

He revealed this incident in the Golden Globes award where he was wearing an arm sling. 

The region behind him wearing that was also his injury as his collar bone was damaged, and he couldn’t wear any other clothes.

Matt Damon Accused of Harassment

Matt was in verse of release of one of his biggest movies at a time. At the same time, a woman accused him of a sexual harassment

She accused him of grabbing her ass. This was not the first time that he was accused of sexual harassment. 

Matt was many times accused of inappropriate behaviors and other sexual acts. On the other hand, Matt denied it, and many fans supported him as well. 

He said that the revenge trap was on him to affect his forthcoming movie. He told the media that he respects all the women. 

He is the father of four daughters, and thinking about sexual harassment is a big shame for him.

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