Lucy Moore – Tragedy Of Freddy Moore Ex-Wife

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Lucy Moore – Tragedy Of Freddy Moore Ex-Wife

Lucy Moore shares the relationship of an ex-spouse to Freddy Moore. Freddy's real name is Frederick George Moore

Professionally, he is a musician best recognized for his 1980 song, ‘It’s Not a Rumor.’ He originally belonged to Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

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Is the couple already divorced?

The individuals were married for nine years. The pair started dating in 1969 and dated for almost two years before tying the knot in 1971

Sadly, they decided to part ways in the year 1980


Her ex-husband, Freddy, was 72 years old when he took his last breath.

Net worth

Lucy’s ex-husband's net worth was about $1 million at the time of his death. 

Net worth$1 million
Income sourceSongwriter, Singer, Musician

Her ex-husband had married many times

Freddy had taken the marriage vows three times. 

As mentioned earlier, he was with Lucy, then he cheated on his spouse with Demi

Well, at the time of meeting Freddy, Demi was only 16 years of age. She jumped into his life without even caring about Lucy

They began dating each other. After the official separation, Freddy tied the knot with Demi on February 8, 1980. But he divorced her on August 7, 1985

After he came to know that Demi had cheated on him, he took no time to move on and start dating then 14-year-old Renee. 

Though he took whole two decades to finally be officially together with Renee.

His ex-spouse, Demi, had seen the connection building up between Freddy and Renee and claimed that he would stick with Renee as soon as he got a divorce from her. 

Freddy and Renee got married in 2005 and were together until August 25, 2022, when Freddy passed away.

Renee called Freddy the love of her life. She said they would stay up all night and talk for hours. 

Freddy Moore got cheated on the day before his wedding?

Freddy, in an exclusive interview, had stated that he would go through his ex-spouse's memoir, which gives the information about how the lady had cheated on him a night before their wedding. 

The musician, who tied the knot with Demi between the years 1980 and 1985, was captured in Los Angeles and was questioned about the book. 

As per the sources, it’s said that he will go through the book as soon as possible, but he may not like what he reads in the book titled, ‘Inside Out: A Memoir.’ 

In the book, Demi claimed that instead of working on the marriage vows, she was on a phone call with a guy whom she had met on a movie set. 

She was 18, whereas Freddy was 30 at the time of getting married. 

She further continued that she snuck out of her own bachelorette party and went to his apartment. 

She questioned herself why she didn’t go to meet the man with whom she was about to spend her life and expressed her doubts. 

Demi revealed that her nuptials to the musician rose during an emotional time after her dad, Danny Guynes, took his own life back in the year 1980

Lastly, she also confronted that she could not face the reality that she was officially getting together with a man to distract herself from grieving the death of his dad. 

Lucy Moore ex-husband Freddy Moore with Demi Moore
Lucy Moore ex-husband Freddy Moore with Demi Moore. Source: Pinterest

Interesting facts about her ex-husband

Apart from this, Freddy was a multi-talented man. Sadly, he is no more but besides his musical career, he was also actively involved in filmmaking. 

In the year 2010, Freddy presented him as an animal trainer in Los Encinos. Other than that, Freddy graduated from high school in 1968

He was at the age of serving in the military, but since he never wanted to participate in the war, to divert from it, he joined Music Theory and composition at the University of Minnesota. 

But before that, he had already begun writing his own songs, the involvement in the university was just to broaden his knowledge. 

Freddy was diagnosed with Alzheimer's at the age of 60.

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