Luisillo el Pillo

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Luisillo el Pillo is a Mexican YouTuber, blogger and internet celebrity. He is well known for gaining most of the followers on YouTube

He was born in Puebla de Zaragoza, Mexico. He is currently living in Mexico City. He is a Mexican citizen by his nationality.  

Relationship Status Of Luisillo el Pillo 

Luisillo was in relationship with Cinthya Velazquez. They dated back in 2014

Luisillo stayed in a relationship with Cinthya for five years and later ended their relationship. 

A year after his separation from ex-partner Cinthya, he moved on in his life and found somebody else as his partner. 

As of 2021, he is in a relationship with Arianny Tenorio, a model. They have been dating each other since 2020

Luisillo has opened up about his relationship through his Instagram account. 

He and his girlfriend have little height difference, which made them a part of the joke among the audience, but they are happy with each other enjoying their love life.

Luisillo with his girlfriend
Luisillo with his girlfriend   Source: Instagram

About Luisillo el Pillo 

Luisillo was born on 20 March 1991. His birth name is Luis Arturo Villar Sudek but known by Luisito Comunica

He is well known for having the most subscribers on his Youtube channel. His parents raised him in Puebla de Zaragoza. 

He started his youtube journey back in 2012, and As of now, he is the second most Youtuber in Mexico to have the most subscribers. 

On his Youtube channel, he mostly posts travel vlogs. Besides being a YouTuber, he is also a writer who has published his books. 

He has also launched his clothing brands and Tequila. 

Luisillo in his hat
Luisillo in his hat  Source: Instagram 

Age, Height, And Weight

He is 30 years old. He has average height and weight.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Luisillo is $12 Million. His source of income is YouTuber, blogger and internet celebrity

The average income of YouTubers is $52,806 per year.

Luisillo Is Moving Towards Business

Luisillo is one of the biggest YouTubers globally and influences many people who follow him. 

With more than 25 million followers on his Instagram account and about 31.4 Million subscribers on YouTube, he has earned a lot of name and fame. 

He is financially safe as well. He has now started to invest money in something big, and that is in the telecommunication field. 

In mid-2020, he and Diri Movil opened a telecommunications company named Pillofon

According to Luisito, the company will provide a 5G network and be the first company in Mexico.

Luisillo Is A Friendly Guy

Luisillo has been in entertainment through YouTube for quite a time and has earned a lot of name and fame. 

With fame and money, he has also earned a lot of respect from the kind of guy. 

He is quite a friendly-natured guy that everyone connects to. 

He may be a great celebrity, but he doesn't always walk with rich and famous people. 

Moreover, he likes making local friends where ever he goes. Not just in his vlogs and in-camera, he is also the same off-camera. 

He has many local friends in Mexico and other countries that he has traveled to. 

In an interview, he also revealed that he had the most amazing local friends besides Mexico was in Dubai

He enjoyed the places with them.

His Fans Mocked Luisillo

Luisillo is one of the famous YouTuber who has gained a lot of subscribers to his channel. 

Lots of people like his videos because he got a lot of popularity. Currently, he is dating a model named Arianny Tenorio

Luisillo had posted a photo of him with his girlfriend on his social media. That post of him got him as a part of the joke. 

As his girlfriend is a model taller than him, people started making memes and trolled him for being shorter than his partner. 

But he took those things lightly and responded in his way.

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